Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I have already gained 15 pounds

Hahaha Just messing I really haven't. Wouldn't that be gross though? Can you picture me as a fat little Guzy? I can't. But how are you guys? How quiet is the house without me? It is nice and loud here I can promise you that.
      The MTC is wild. It has only been a week but it feels like it has been forever I am sure you all know the feeling. To be honest I feel kinda weird saying all this stuff cause I feel like I am just repeating what all the other brothers have said. But I really am liking it here. The first night as you all know was pretty different and you just have these weird thoughts running through your head but those are all forgotten and gone now. I have actually been sleeping quite well here even for the early wake up time. I am not used to this much sleep so I actually wake up earlier then my alarm sometimes. It is still hard to wake up obviously, but I am not tired like some of the other the other missionaries in my district. It is pretty neat to be a district leader. Yeah it is a lot of extra work but what else am I doing with my time haha. It is amazing how much I feel the Spirit here and how much it really directs all the things I do.
     Classes are going great. I already love the language and I know every single missionary says this then regrets saying it but, I can understand what people are saying to me really well. A lot of the Portuguese words look and sound like English words so it is not super difficult to pick up on. I just need to learn how to say stuff back now. I can bear my testimony, say prayers, have small talk with a contact, and I had to give the Sacrament prayers on Sunday. The Branch Pres said I did a really nice job for not even being there a week yet. I can read it pretty easily, like I read Preach My Gospel in Portuguese most of the time then read the English one to see how close I was to getting what it was saying and it works out for me. I struggle with some of the pronunciation cause all the vowels make the same sound every time unless in random situations or they have accents. I just try to "English-ize" the word haha.
     One reason I am getting the language so quickly is because my comp is a champ at it. He knows it pretty well already so he just helps me out a lot. Like I said in my earlier letter his name is Elder Peterson and played soccer for Layton. He is going to make one awesome missionary but it is kinda funny cause he doesn't really have street smarts. He loses everything and is just.... like a little kid almost but he is great for me cause he pushes me and gets me to work. The other two guys in my district Elder Page and Elder Gabel are both great guys as well. He is just a character. I play most of the pranks Ian taught me on him, like the upside down cup one hahahaha
    I dunno really what else to say except for sorry for not telling you earlier that my P-day is Tuesday. We got to go to the temple today which was awesome to relax and take everything in and the Provo temple is sweet. Other then that we have just been kinda lazy today. We did our laundry early on so we would have more time to write letters and it was a good idea. Mom you can give me e-mail out to people but I can only write them letters back so they would need to give me their addresses if the did. Speaking of which I need everyone in our families e-mail cause I forgot to get those... Whoops. Oh the food! It is alright not the best I have ever had and it is no USU Marketplace that is for sure... Leave it to BYU... Ha. But I pretty much just dunk everything in hot sauce so Tapito would be nice ;) Speaking of which, yesterday I used a broken Chalula bottle and ended up getting glass in my eggs and almost cut my mouth open but didn't thank heavens. I love how the vending machines here here have hot pockets.. talk about tender mercies! :) All I drink is powerade and chocolate milk. It is a rough life but someone has to do it! If I forgot to mention anything or something like that just let me know. I love and miss you all but I am here for a reason and am doing the right thing. And... THE CHURCH IS TRUE AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Big Deal

p.s I have seen so many people I know here! Like on my way to write this letter I finally saw Taylor and Jean so I am eating with them tomorrow! I hope you get the picture she sent via cell phone... what is a cell phone?