Thursday, July 21, 2011

English in Eugene for now

This is Cache's mom.  I just had a 5 minute phone conversation with the self-proclaimed Elder Big Deal.  He will fly out next Tuesday, July 26th, to Eugene Oregon.  He'll serve there (speaking English unless he just happens upon some Portuguese-speaking person) until his visa for Brazil arrives.  The other "stray " elder in his district whose visa also hasn't arrived, will be going to Nashville TN.

Cache sounded great and positive and upbeat as ever. Still, I know he'd really like to get to Brazil asap.  Let's all pray his visa clears very soon.  On another note, my favorite missionary companion was from Eugene OR.......  I love missions and the way they bless everyone involved :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Conjugating verbs in my sleep.....

Oi! So I need to apologize because I guess the GAs are off in July so I probably won't find out my reassignment ti'll tomorrow which is sweet but kinda killing me because I want to know what I may need or what I am going to be sending back. But I will find out soon enough. The family member with the closest guess gets the first hug when I come home hahaha just kidding. So just be sure to have your phone on you tomorrow parents I will probably call mom first cause I don't wanna interupt the Danger during work. I only have five mins so sorry I can't call everyone. Ummmm things are still going great here but i am VERY excited to leave at the same time. I know it will be a whole different animal out in the field but I just can't wait to apply all of this stuff. I hope I don't lose the Portuguese tho... like I have said before I feel more comfortable teaching in Portuguese than in English but I am sure I will adjust well if I pray about it. My roommates kinda hate me because EVERY night now I am sleep talking in Portuguese, the other night I was conjugating verbs and I was yelling it so loud I woke myself up... I may or may not be going crazy... Hahaha. Looking back on the MTC though I really have liked it here, it is such a great place because you are just so focused on the Gospel, I would even go as far as saying the MTC is dope.... Haha. Oh! Cool thing of the week... I finished the BOM!!! It took me about a month but I finished it on Sunday and my opinion on the work has changed even from then. Ah I am so excited to be serving a mission!!!! I remember singing " I hope they call me on a mission" when I was a wee lad and now I am actually here, I am doing the work I have been looking forward to since I could understand the word missionary. And knowing that my parents and all my brothers have done this work too makes it all the better. You are all really the best examples to me I hope you know that. It sounds like things in the family are going well. i am stoked for Eliza to be going to see Trent that will be fun for them both. Maybe I will be assigned to Seattle... Who knows :p Ian and Holli are out of town again... rare. Hahaha I love you two:) Danger... You are just the man!!! Mom I am glad that you have already found a new project and hope it goes well. How is Heber looking? Pics maybe? I will be sending some pics home hopefully sometime this week with other stuff I feel I won't need. Ryley...... did you get Elder Hills letter? He is so dope and way funny. He can play the song from Tangled when they are in the boat on his guitar.... I would be whipped. Hahahahahahahahahaha He really is an awesome missionary. Tanner and Brik how are things going? How is Otis? Does he miss me at all? i never really thought that he liked me... Tanner, Trent, and Ian I heard rumor that they have already annouced a new Halo? I don't believe it but Tanner I fully expect you to get the new Assassins Creed! Well I don't know what else to say really... I love it here but I am ready to go and I know the field is nowhere near the MTC but bring on the HEAT! Hahaha I love you all so much and I hope everything is going well for all of you. Know I pray for you every night and that Heavenly Father really does have a plan for our family and we are all capable of doing amazing things if we just follow his commandments... It is that easy! I love you all, and I love this Church. I'll talk to you tomorrow:)
      Elder Big Deal
P.S. Did you like the scripture from last week? Hahaha

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I wanna get a Brazilianaire so stinkin' bad....

Oi familia! I just would like to start this letter off by saying that.... Eliza and Ry are the coolest sisters ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my heavens that package you sent was so awesome I loved it so much and my whole zone is super jealous. Ry my whole zone is also in love with you, I have our family picture up and they all just think you are beautiful which is totally true so if you want some missionaries to write I can hook you up!. I haven't gotten a letter from anyone yet about how last week went but I am sure I will soon so I will just talk to you about what has been going on here.
    Language is coming along super well but I am really nervous because I don't want to lose it when I get reassigned. Let's talk about that for a second. I will most likely get my change next week on Tuesday or sometime after that, I will then have 5 mins to call the parentals and let you know where I am going. I have no idea if I will get my new address and stuff then so I am sure we will find out. After that I will then leave the next Monday, the 25th, to who knows where. But something that I think is really cool about all this is Trent was reassigned and he lived so I can too, the only difference is I will be speaking English, the first brother to and we will have covered Spanish, Hatian, Czech (not that cool) Portuguese (the best and reserved for BIg Deals only) and English. Talk, (get it? it is a joke) about a family with a lot of teaching power! But besides that things have been really average here. Elder Metz and Elder Carr came in last week and that was great. I love those missionaries and I know that they will do great things in the missions they serve.
   Elder Gabel and I spend most of our time in class teaching "investigators" and that is awesome cause it is exactly what I am going to be needing. But I feel more comfortable teaching in Portuguese than I do in English so that will be one change I will have to make. But the other day we took our photos of our family and showed them to our 17 year old investigator and we explained that that is why we are serving missions, so we could be with our families forever and he could too. I almost started crying.. I swear going on a mission turns you into Kreg Peterson, CALL OUT! But I love that investigator, his name is Gerson and he is exactly like me but Brasilian so a little bit cooler. He loves video games, soccer and girls. He is just so funny and it is hard to teach him cause I get distracted and talk to him about other things. He even has the same birthday as me! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! So whenever we teach I try to think of what I would need to hear if I was not a member of the Church and I think it helps a lot. Ah he is a stud. We have about 8 investigators so we are crazy for MTC standards where most comps have two but I wouldn't have it any other way.
   Ummmm I hope everything is still going well for all of you. I am sure Danger loved Florida, ps Gerson knows you as Danger too, my whole zone does. Mom... No more camp ah hooray! What is it like to be able to breathe? Trent is still killin the sales in Wash I am sure and I hope you know that we "baptized" 3 people on Saturday and I thought in my head... "Triple Kill" I swear all bad jokes about the Church come from the MTC. I just can't wait till I come home and the stake president gives me a "perfection!" on my mission hahahaha I am sucha nerd. Ian and Holli sound great as usual. How are all my clothes?? Hahaha Ry and Eliza already know how much I love them :) Tanner and Brik, do I get to call you that now? Cause I think you are hard-core. Get it? Briks are hard? Little bit of a strech but whatever. I loved the pics of you two and I am so happy for you! I think about our last 80s night and how much fun we had. Thank you for making it that way! I think that covers everyone... but I have a scripture for you all to read, Alma 4:10. He totally talks about how big of a deal it is and I just died when I read it. Sounds like Ron Burgandy. Well I love you all very much and I can't wait to hear from you. Mom and Dad be sure to have your cell phones handy next week but I will try the home phone first. and Mom if you could post everything on the good ol' FB that would be siiiiiiiiick! How is that going by the way? Do you need any help with iTunes? I could still tell what to do if you need help and I am here if ya need me! You might be getting a package soon with some stuff that I don't think I will read and letters I have received from friends. If you could not read the letters that would be great, just put them in my green box in my room or somewhere like that. I love this Church and I love my family and I will never be embarrassed to say that I am a part of either of them and I know that I represent both in everything I do. Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Elder Big Deal

Sunday, July 10, 2011

More Than Likely Going Stateside

Tudo bem?! 
How the heavens are ya family?! Sounds like things might be starting to cool down a little bit now that camp is over with right? Or does that end this week? I have no idea I am focused on other things :p It sounds like you guys all had a super 4th of July. The Stadium of Fire fireworks were sweet. Oh what I gotta watch them? Yep! We were allowed to watch them until they were over so we got to stay up till like 11:30 or something. I was laughing though because 11:30 is prime Halo hours and it is funny how staying up that late wasn't even late in my pre-mish life. We also had a really amazing devotional that night before the fireworks and that was really cool. It is funny to me that no matter how bad I want to go to Brasil and start to really get to work I will still always love this country so much and I guess I can thank Carden for helping me gain that respect. I really do enjoy the devotionals here though, like this Sunday we had Jenny Oaks Baker come and play violin for us and it was so stinkin pretty. It really made me think about Ry and how talented she is with all of her music ability. As much as I used to not like her practicing I really miss hearing her play all the time now. Ry, if you haven't heard of Sister Baker, but I am sure you have, I hope you would check her stuff out I think you will like it. I love getting the letters from the family members. Trent and Eliza's letters this week had me rolling on the floor laughing. I will try to write back soon.
Things are still going really well here, we have just spend most of our days teaching lessons because it is only Elder Gabel and myself but that helps us a lot so I enjoy it. We did get two new roomies this week and they are both cool. One is named Elder Hill and he is from Canada and is big into snowboarding so we get along quite nicely. The language is coming, just remembering all the weird tenses and things get to me but those will all come with time. Speaking of time... I am almost running out of days here in the MTC and by the looks of things I am more then likely going state side so be on your toes for when I find out where I am going. I have a little bit of mixed feelings on going state side cause I obviously want to be in BRASIL! (Dom) but I know that if I go state side... the T-bell will be ringing! Hahaha I just don't want to lose the Portuguese.  That is the hardest part of going state side so we will see. Umm... package wise I am fine I don't really need anything but maybe some Jake from Hollister would be nice? I dunno I just feel weird getting ready and not having a finishing touch... I am such a princess haha. I really can't think of anything else to say... I hope everything continues to go well for you all and know that I am praying for you all errrrr night! 

Elder Big Deal