Monday, December 31, 2012

"A dentist??!!

I totally forgot that I wanted to make that joke about Ian last week with him being a dentist and all... Did anyone watch that movie this year? I hope so or the Humble Bumble will be out to get you guys for sure. It sounds like you guys watched a lot of other sick movies though this past week eh? SkyFall, The Hobbit, rough life, right? Whateves... they will all be on NetFlixs when I get back anyway :) 

It was so stinking awesome to talk to you all though last week, even though it felt like such a little bit of time :/ That is alright though, I think it was better that it was just a short one because in all honesty.... I will be home before you know it and it will be more fun to chat face to face there. I do feel like I didn´t get to talk to EVERYONE though... Hazel didn´t even scream at me...Silly baby! I can´t believe how good you all looked though. It was so nice to see people wearing actual clothes! It is too hot here to wear all that stuff and I forgot how sweet it is to get dressed up all sweet like.. You guys are just champs.
So not too much happened this week being Christmas and New Year's. Everyone is either traveling or drinking and both of those make it hard to contact and really work, but we had a few sweet miracles go down this week. On Thursday we did a zone fast so that all of the companionships could baptize on the last week of the year and we had a miracle go down in our area 'cuz we had no one at all to baptize... Or so we thought. We ended up passing this family that we had taught a few weeks back and one of  the kids had gone to church but the parents wouldn´t let her get baptized. We just happened to stop by and WHAMMO!!! the mom was just like, "Yeah, I was thinking about her baptism this week and decided it really would help her out." Hooray for an awesome baptism!! So yep we had a baptism Saturday of Islaine and it was just a little meeting because not a lot of people were here in the area. But she was confirmed on Sunday and was just as happy as ever. I can´t find the pics of her baptism though... I´ll keep looking. 

That pretty much sums up this week though. We don´t have anything planned for tonight so P´jaro and I are just gonna kick it at home and play Bible Hearts or something. We have interviews with Pres tomorrow which will be exciting and then the next day Zone Cousnsel... Lots of bus rides this week already. Well I love you all and I hope you all have goals and dreams (hahaha) for 2013!! I already know what mine are for sure! I miss and love you all so so much!! HAPPY NEW YEAR! :))))


P.S. The pics are the planner I made for Christmas, and then Christmas dinner at the Branch Pres´ house for Christmas! Love you!

Monday, December 17, 2012

"Christmas Time"

Alright guys so I am planning on Skypeing with you all Wednesday 11:00 your time and I am so stinkin excited!!! It honestly just seems like we were just talking for Mothers Day when I was way back in Viçosa with my boy Guerra... Crazy :) I cant wait to talk to you all though. And don´t stress because I am 99% sure I know how to get it to work right from the start this time! :)
So this will be just a quick little letter because the LAN house is packed right now and the guy isn´t in the best of moods so I doubt he is going to let me put more time on. We had a bit of a busy week this week because we had a lot of things in Farol - like zone counsel and then my comp had to help in the office because he was the mission secretary for seven months and the new guy still has no idea what he is doing. It was a good week though because we had a baptism and that was the best. His name is Thalisson and he is part of this family we have been teaching since Pájaro came here. The whole family is looking into the Church, but all of a sudden they just stopped progressing a ton, except for Thalisson. It is really sad because this family is exactly what our little branch out here needs. We have literally done everything to help them, but they just won't come to church ever... kills me. :( Hopefully his baptism will help them all feel the Spirit a little bit more, because luckily, they all came to the baptism. 

Also this week we had the Primary presentation which we all know is the best Sunday of all the Sundays in the year. The little kids of the Church are just champs and I love hearing their little testimonies as when they say the Articles of Faith. They may not understand completely what those words mean, but it is good practice. 

I think that is all I have for you guys this week... I am going to save the majority of it for Skype time :) I am glad it is really starting to look like Christmas and that you got to go see the lights down at Temple Square. That was always one of my favorite dates.... Memories!! Well I am out so.... See you next week and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Elder Big Deal

P.S. What is "THE GIFT" everyone wants this year and I can´t wait 'til Friday... The End of the World!! Hahahahahaha I can´t wait to wake up on that day and just laugh.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Way Ahead of You :p"

So Danger your e-mail made me laugh pretty hard. All of the missionaries that are about to be going home in the next... 8 months are talking about how there will be legit no one to date. So we are way ahead of you on the "who will we date?!" deal. I think it will be so funny though because the majority of the missionaries won´t even know how to talk to girls when they get back, let alone date them. I do think it is sweet though how many people are leaving though. I have a friend back home who just told me she is going to Spain and a kid here in the branch also just got his call to Lisbon like Megan Duke. So wild. It will be really interesting to see what will happen when all these young girls start showing up. More than likely I won't even be here when they come, but those who are left behind.... Good luck! Hahahaha.
This week was a really normal week once again. We had transfers again and I am still with Pájaro, best comp ever, but one of the other elders in our house got traded. It was really interesting though because Pres is trying to show that leadership isn´t a ladder in the mission and that it is a calling. So he "dropped" 5 ZL´s and one assistant to be DL´s or trainers and said that he doesn´t want missionaries ending their missions as Assistants or ZL´s. He wants them to train in their last two transfers. Let´s just say I am already feeling like I will be training again. Not that I didn´t like training, but I will be honest... It would be rough to train a greenie fresh out of the MTC in the last two.... But whatever. I´ll just do what I have to. It is still a little ways off in the future too.
Also this week.... I got your package!! It was awesome and I am already going to deal you that I opened everything... I did it not knowing that I was supposed to wait 'til Christmas. It really put me in the Christmas spirit though :) Christmas is really fun this year because I actually understand what is going on. Last year I was just a space man trying to learn the language. It is bad though because I am just falling more and more in love with this country... Christmas is pretty much exactly the same as it is in the U.S., but come on... Christmas with palm trees and pretty beaches every where is hard to beat. Thank you so much for the package though and Pájaro loved the tie and the other gifts. He thinks you guys are the best.... I agree.
I hope you all get a chance to enjoy the snow and the lights at Temple Square. Wow, I miss the temple so much... Go to the temple for me. Also... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Eliza the Awesome!!! What did you get dude?? Sick clothes? New scissors to cut hair? Trent won´t play Halo for a day?? Hahaha I hope it was a good one Liza :) Have a great week family! Stay sweet...

Elder Big Deal

Monday, December 3, 2012

"The Hunt"

It is December!!!!! and by the sound of things there is still no snow in Utah... What a horrible thing. At the same time though I think it is great! Because now I can´t say that if I was home I would be snowboarding because in reality... I wouldn´t be! So I count this as a blessing for me, but for you all back in the 801.... Não sei!
So we just got done with a mission conference from Elder Costa, who is the President of the Brazil area and oh my heavens it was awesome. He was so stinking funny. I don´t even know how to explain it. I was actually really nervous for this mission tour because he has a big reputation of loving to "burn" missionaries, but he didn´t even get angry. He just told us to better ourselves and that is obviously something that we all need to do. I just love how mission presidents, 70´s and Apostles have this way of being so so so extremely loving, yet always willing to correct the mistake. It is EXACTLY how people should be. It is how you can tell when people respect you. They aren´t a push over who everyone loves because they can do whatever they want, but then at the same time they aren´t raging dragons of anger and meanness. It is just a perfect mix. It was a really inspiring meeting and I am glad I had the chance to hear him talk about his mission stories and stories as a General Authority.
Since he gave his tour today, obviously our P-day, I am now here in the center of Maceió and do you know what that means?? Yep! I am on the hunt for Mom´s nativity scene. So far I haven´t seen anything too legit, but I am sure that I will find something sick here in a bit :) 
A few other fun facts about this week... 1. We had another baptism!! Her name is Gerlane and she is the last daughter of this part member family in our branch and she is just as sweet as can be. Her parents aren´t members because of marriage issues, but the rest of the family are members but are the most active in the Church. We are trying to help re-activate the family and help the parents but it is a bigger challenge than it seems. I don´t wanna go into details because I don´t wanna criticize the family, but let´s just say.... Beer is the dumbest thing ever invented. 2. We had the power go out for over an hour in part of the city and that was neat. We usually just go to some place that has any light at all because the chances of getting robbed are a lot higher when there are no lights. And I don´t wanna get robbed. That pretty much sums up my life though once again!! I am excited for the Christmas call... I have so many funny things I can´t wait to tell you, but they are only funny in person... or Skype cause it is almost the same thing... Tchau!!! Stay sweet.

Elder Big Deal