Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Miracles are Real"

Wow, I can´t even explain this past week. It was so cool, wild, dangerous, and spiritual. I am legit just so beat from everything and just want to sleep today but we will see what happens. 

To start out our list of miracles let´s talk about our first baptism this week. Her name is Edwarda and she is one of the teenagers we have been working with since I first got here in Viçosa. I don´t know if you all remember but, her mom and grandma wouldn´t let her get baptized for anything. We were super bummed about it too, because she has such a strong testimony already and at the same time has tons of friends in the Church. She legit was just ready. We tried everything with her mom but still nothing gave.... until my sweet Brazilian comp showed up. Like I have been talking about, he just has a way with people to get them to like him and that is exactly what he did with this family. He just sat down one day with them, taught them how to play Uno and just created friendship with them and now because of that.... Edwarda was baptized. It just goes to show that no matter how much we teach and use scripture and expound upon everything, one of the key points in the conversion process is trust. It is something I need to get better at, and he is helping me learn to relax more and be a bit more Brasilian with it all.

The next miracle was our other baptism, Rafael. There are also other little miracles and one big one that happened with him. I will explain them all. We have been working with Rafa for a long time, but have had trouble getting him to go to church. This past Sunday we had Stake Conference in Maceió so the church got a big ol´bus and we invited Rafa and his friends to come along. He ended up showing up and we started our journey to Maceió but, within the first 5 minutes we had a problem. The bus driver accidentally backed into the power lines above the bus and the bus lost energy for awhile. Yeah I for sure thought we were gonna die, but at the same time I was more bummed that we wouldn't get to Maceió but, The Savior, being awesome, blessed us with energy and we all arrived in Maceió safely. We were planning on having his baptism there with the rest of the Zone, but as we started to get all prepped and ready the bus driver came in and said that we needed to leave because he had another appointment back in Viçosa and it turns out that the pres of the branch forgot to tell him about the baptism. So..... I rode the whole way back to Viçosa with Rafa dressed in all white and when we arrived we filled up the font as fast as possible and had his baptism. It was so fun and so crazy all day. I don´t think I explained it too well but this past week was just so wild for me. It was my first time actually baptizing someone too, which was a really cool experience. I have pics but the computer is throwing a fit so you guys will have to wait. Oh! Also - we almost died on Wednesday because we have our movie night activity and we were making the popcorn on the oven and the gas line to it broke.... Super sketchy but once again... We were blessed with safety.

That pretty much sums everything up here. We also had interviews with President Gonzaga this pass week and I talked to him about what we could do for that lady with the water phobia and he just said be patient, it will come on the Lord´s time. I know it will as well. He really is such a great man and I hope I get to have an opportunity to work around him more. It sounds like once again you all had a great week and Ry´s recital was super rad. Danger going snowboarding and golfing in the same day doesn´t seem very fair though.... but I guess even The Danger needs a P-day every once in awhile. I love you all and I promise I won´t almost get killed this next coming week. Stay sweet and stay fly.
Elder Squid!

PS On the bus ride back to Viçosa we had two little punk kids start fighting in the back of the bus. Just try to picture all 130 lbs of me dressed in all white stopping a fight.... Pretty funny if you ask me.

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