Tuesday, August 30, 2011

OnlineVISA or Mastercard?

Alright before I even get started, I am sorry this e-mail is short... I was too busy filling out my online visa!! I could be gone in like a month how crazy is that?? I will miss my little Albany Oregon though... Ahhhh I am so torn!! But I honestly got the call from the mission office today and I already filled it all out, I am so pumped!! So I guess we can all go back to being on our toes hahaha. Oregon will always be a part of my mission though.. And I will even try to come back and visit the.... 10 people we have invited to be baptized hahaha. Ah I can't even think about what to write my thoughts are in such a whirl!!

Well before I forget, I don't know where the spare key for the MISSILE is but I know we have one, and I never had keys to the rack. So I hope that helps out Danger, sorry I forgot last week. Umm the work is going a lot better then it was last week. We have had some awesome lesson and just got 4 new gators this week! Matt and Chelsea are still awesome, they quit smoking and we are working on the drinking issues... They are so solid though and so funny. We have a baptism next Sunday for a 18 year old kid named John who knows more about the gospel than I do. He just hasn't been dunked yet cause he was waiting for a day when his friends could all come and see it. 

We had zone conference last week as well and that was neat. President Young said some really great things and he gave us the coolest challenge ever. This is where I need a little bit of Guzy help. The challenge is we are making a list of the top 50 first lines you say when contacting someone and I wanna get on the list. The ones I have used so far are, "Wow... it is so hot today. You wanna know why? Cause the Spirit of God like a fire is burning!" And then I ask people if my side bag is a satchel, man bag, or purse, then say, "well I can see you are kinda confused, Joseph Smith was also confused once and he prayed to our Heavenly Father to know the truth." That one works like a charm! :) So send me the ones you think of! Everyone up here makes fun of the side bag though... Oregon just has no sense of style at all hahaha. Just wait till you see the pictures I have taken. Well my time is up but I love you all so much! Remember the church is true no battle.

Elder Big (stressed) Deal


  1. Cache it's Kaelyn, What's your address? I'm getting married and want to send you an announcement!

  2. Kaelyn this is Cache's mom. Cache's current address is:

    930 SW 9th Ave.
    Albany OR 97321

    We don't know how much longer he'll be there, but hopefully if you're sending out announcements right away, he'll get it there. Thanks for staying in touch!