Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"High and Lows"

Fam.... What up?!

Talk about a crazy week this week we had some sick stuff go down and then two things bad go down.. I will start with the bad news though... First off my comp is getting transferred to Eugene and I am getting a new comp today. We really were getting along so well and were getting work done and now they are taking him away from me and I have to take over the area... I don't think I am ready for that haha. But I guess my new comp is pretty sick and he comes in at 4 today so I am excited about that. Who knows, I might only be here for a week and then they would have to send someone else out here as well and start all over again. 

And then the other bad news really sucks.... Ugh... my side bag, which EVERYONE calls a purse, got stolen yesterday IN church. I honestly set it down in the exact same spot I always do right next to my comp's and we went to the library and when we came back it was gone.. I thought it was a joke at first but we can't find it anywhere. The reason why it really sucks though is cause the camera was in there so now all the pics are gone and everything... Ugh I am praying it was just an accident but we will see. I had some sick pictures for you guys this week too :(

Good news time! We got a baptism yesterday! It was awesome and a very good thing for two of our investigators who were able to come. His name is John and he is about 18 years old but I swear he has a bigger testimony then I do... He bore his testimony in church yesterday, before his baptism, and just said some amazing things. But I didn't get pictures of it cause of the bad news... UGH!!!!!!!!!!! Our investigator Matt was there and he totally felt the Spirit and was just stoked on it. We committed him and his wife to church next Sunday and I feel they will really start to come about. John actually came and bore his testimony to him after the baptism and it was a pretty neat thing to see. Haven't heard anything on the visa side of things since last week but I am really excited all of a sudden :) I love the OEM but I am so stoked for Brazil.. We played soccer today and I was just in heaven! I am also constantly thinking in Portuguese again cause I really need to get on top of it again if I am going to be leaving soon.

Speaking of soccer.... sounds like Ryley is dominating and I love hearing that. You really are such a champ Ry... one day when I get home from Brazil I will almost be as good as you hahaha. Sounds like the whole family is kinda settling back into normal lifestyle now which is probably a good thing! Heber sounds like a great time too but I will admit it is weird hearing about it cause I was only there... twice? Still is some foreign (spelled that right on my first try... yesh!) place to me! That is pretty much it though, the work is going well and I enjoy being here and the people here as well. I love how I get to feel the Spirit so much too, it is something I had really taken for granted and now I just love it. I love you all so so so so so much and I hope everything is going well for you. I pray for you every night!!!


Elder Big (stoked) Deal

P.S. We did service for this less active guy in our ward and we were moving wood from one house to the next and we didn't have gloves on... Saw two black widows and some house spiders bigger then any I have ever seen and it was after we had pretty much moved the whole pile. I went and asked for gloves after that.

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