Monday, September 12, 2011

"I am 20.......That is gross"

In no way am I mature enough to be this old hahaha. But whatever, I am over it! Besides the awesome package I received from Mom and a few birthday letters that was about the extent of my b day which is fine, I have bigger things to worry about! But I loved the package mom thank you so much for it and it is already getting put to great use! 

Ryley... I quit. You are just to awesome. Really I could not ask for a better little sister in the entire world. The amount of respect I have for you is crazy. The same with the whole family as well, but you guys didn't score a winning goal this week so ha! :p

This week was crazy.... Ended up not only getting one comp but two... So I will start from Monday after e-mailing, my new comp Elder Thompson came down from where he was serving and the 3 of us, being Guzy, Fristrup, and Thompson had a great time together until Fristrup had to leave on Wednesday to Eugene which is sad cause he was awesome. So now it is Wednesday and Thursday and I have taken over the area so I am trying to remember all the house we have people in and how to get there cause we don't have a gps any more and I actually did alright. But come Friday morning at like 9 we get a call from President Young saying we are getting a brand new missionary from Canada who is visa waiting to go to Ukraine and that he would be there at 4! So we had to go get the Hobbit Hole all prepped and things and it turns out he is awesome. His name is Elder Tillack and he is already an awesome missionary and we love visa talking. But language study everyday is hilarious cause we just yell at Elder Thompson in our languages and pretty much just play a game of charades all day! So wild. 

Visa wise.... Looks like things might take a little longer then expected but it is still a toss up. At least now I can check it twice a week which is pretty nice. But I will work no matter where I am so... That is the plan haha. I love the people here so much though already it is crazy, I told them that when they made me talk yesterday on my birthday!!! All three of us had to speak and we found out only like 5 minutes before, but I guess it went pretty well. The wards are just awesome here. Our investigator Matt was there and he really enjoyed it which is sweet! Speaking of which... Mom if people have been friend requesting me on FB just add them cause more than likely it is investigators or teachers from the MTC. That is honestly about it though... I dunno what else to talk about except for how Dad's email had me laughing pretty hard. I miss the Danger jokes around the dinner table haha. Well I love you all so so much and thank you for all the birthday wishes! I hope you all have an awesome week and get alot of work done :) 

Elder Big (happy) Deal

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