Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wolf Shirts Rule........

Okay so first off the temple is amazing. That is exactly what I needed and I had missed going to the temple so much so this morning was so awesome. The Medford temple is pretty small but it doesn't matter, every temple is beautiful and when else in my life would I have gone to the Medford temple?! It was awesome cause I was just able to relax for a little bit and really pray about something that had been on my mind. I loved it! Ah so rad!! Today is also really stinkin amazing cause........ My visa is now one step away from being done!!! It did a huge jump the past week and I am like stressing cause I could be gone really quickly!! Ahhhh I am so stoked! Maybe I needed to go to the temple one last time or something I dunno :)

So that has pretty much made my day amazing and then on top off all of that, I bought this amazing wolf/ indian shirt at Goodwill today that is amazing!! Indians are just so wise.... Oh and Elder Hoopes is right next to me and we are laughing pretty hard because we both read about the mothers contacting each other at like the same time! He is a stud. I am also really pumped for Aaron, he will do work down there!

This week was fantastic! We got a ton of work done and our area is really catching on fire. We have 3-4 really siiiiiick investigators who have baptism dates for the near future and I just love seeing the Spirit working in the lives of other people. It is such a real thing it blows me away everytime I see/feel it. I love teaching lessons, it is such a blast. Cause it is just a conversation about the Gospel and it is so cool to see people have real, honest questions. We had zone conference this week which was another spiritual uplift. I love talking with Sister Young, she just makes me laugh and she tells me all about Landon and how he is doing it is pretty dope. 

It got pretty cold here this week, it really started to feel like Fall and I don't have anything wintery really so I had to go get a nice sweater... Yay. But I love seeing all the Halloween decorations and now when I knock on doors I say, " Hi, we are the missionaries from the LDS church and we were just knocking on your door to make sure it is trick-or-treat ready.... Do want to hear about the restored church?!" I don't really say it yet... but I have to try it at least once.
But that is pretty much just my weekly update.... I will give you my address here but it might be changing soon but it is 824 Summit Ave Apt 4 Medford Oregon 97501. I am going to try and send some pictures via e-mail today as well. I love you all so much and this Church really is so awesome, prayers really do get answered, I promise you that. I love hearing the scriptures from Mom and Dad both but I will be pretty bold, it is something I am working on, I wanna hear from the rest of the fam too! I miss you goons I hope you know that :( Love you all so much!!!!
 Elder Big (Brasilian) Deal

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