Monday, October 31, 2011

Voce fala Potuguese?! Hahaha... Nope!‏

Oh my gosh I cant even explain how awesome this place is!!! First off the keyboard is different so excuse my poor grammamaer. Second... happy HOLLAween!! Hahaha I have been waiting to make that joke alllll week!

Okay now to the good stuff.... I am never coming home this place is so amazing like... AHHHHH! It is everything I thought it would be and better! So after I talked to the fam, sorry I missed you Ian and Holli, I flew to Atlanta and had to run all the way to my next flight cause the train was broken and it was leaving in like.... 15 mins. Super intense but obviously I made it. There I met up with some other missionaries all going to different missions so I flew from Sao Paulo to Maceio alone but it was nice. Oh and durning the flight to Sao Paulo I flew over Port-a-Prince and was stoked. I was so beat though, flying and sleeping dont work out. 

But seriously this place is awesome. I can see the beach from my area and everyone is so laid back it is awesome. It is honestly just like board shorts, regge music, smoothies, lizards, and awesome. The area I am working in is called Feitosa and it is pretty dope. We work in kinda the ghettos but I love them! They are called Grottas here and Ill try to get some pics but I am scared that my camera will get stolen. Some fun facts about this mission is that it is the most poor and dangerous mission in all of Brasil... How awesome is that?! So I have a few pics I will try and send today but I am not sure if they will work.
My new comp is awesome. His name is Elder Pinto and he is from Sao Paulo so he is a native but he lived in the US for awhile so he knows English. We get along super well and he is an amazing soccer player. Dont even get me started on soccer here, it is everywhere!! I am honestly in heaven. Seriously, you guys better have a cute girl ready for me when I am done or else I am just gonna stay here and play soccer till I die. Our apartment is awesome too, better then the one I had in Medford which is funny to me. I have a video I am gonna try to send to you of it though. The food is pretty good as well and I have probably only eaten a couple of bugs - nothing too bad, it is just protein right? :)
The language.... Hahaha I dunno it isnt too bad actually. The thing that is killing me is that I cant understand people. Cause I can speak the language fine but I just have no idea what people are saying to me so that is what I am really trying to learn. But dont get me wrong I still struggle forming sentences and like not being nervous when I talk but it is not AS horrible as I thought it was going to be. My new pres is awesome too. President and Sister Gonzaga really just welcomed me with open arms and I am so grateful for it. They really are amazing people... when I can understand them :)
I think that pretty much covers it... We are working with a lot of families which is really cool, some that are super close to baptism so I will keep you updated on that but I cant understand what they are saying so I cant really tell you too much about them hahaha. I love you all so so so so so much and it was awesome to hear from you the other day!! I hope everything is going well and life is going well back in the states. I. LOVE. IT. HERE.
Elder Big Deal
P.S. I have yet to have beans hahaha how lucky is that?

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