Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is so much snow in Utah! I have completely forgotten that snow even exists!! Has anyone already hit the slopes?? What did you all do for passes this year? Has someone already used my blue coat..... Ian! Hahahaha I blame everything on you when it comes to clothes :) I was talking about Bomberman 64 today with one of the assistants and it made me miss you. Have you beaten it yet? Sweetest game ever....... I hope everyone is liking the snow though and lil Hazel stays all bundled up and adorable!
We had an average week here. just busy busy busy. We had Zone Counsel this week with Pres and it was a blast. I honestly love working close to him and his wife. They are amazing people and really understand what their purpose is as the mission couple here. They do what is right exactly when they need to do it and they don´t look back. Our meeting was very inspiring and I feel like I learned a lot that I need to start applying in my own area, not just the zone. One thing that I really liked about the meeting though was that after it had ended I randomly just got to sit down with Pres and Sister for like a half and hour and just talk with them. It was really interesting because it felt like it was the first time that I really opened up to him about what I think about the mission and how we can try to do things better. I am not going to lie, I was a little nervous and intimidated at first which was....interesting because that isn´t very common with me to be nervous when talking with people. I just felt that every word I said was being listened to very carefully. It was a good feeling at the same time. He really is so interesting in uplifting missionary input. I say uplifting because there is PLENTY of missionary input, but usually it is just ridiculous. I just love having this relationship with him and hope to keep having more chances to work with him during the rest of the mission.
I heard the news about Obama getting elected again and it shocked me pretty bad. It actually shocked the majority of the people here actually. Brasil had made it sound like that Mitt had a really really good chance and I got all excited about it. I just wish I could have actually voted.... But I am so out of the political loop right now that I couldn´t even tell you what is going on over there in the states.... Speaking of the states, good ol´ Elder Miller is coming home next week.... I still can´t believe it. Time has flown by!! It seems like just yesterday that I was watching his farewell talk and bawling my eyes out. Don´t let Bro Peterson read that. I am so stoked for Elder B-Mill and I better get some pictures..... :)
I am really tired though and sunburned because we played some awesome volleyball today and I just wanna go "relax" a bit. I hope at least ONE person in the family goes out and plays in the snow this week and that you ALL stay safe. I miss you all a lot.... no joke, but I will be back soon :) Love you all and have a great week!!! :)

Elder Big Deal!

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