Friday, November 30, 2012

"Average week -- kinda hahha"

Hello to my family that is neat and awesome! I loved the e-mails I got from all of you and I am glad that Thanksgiving and Hazel's blessing were really good experiences for everyone. I am a little weirded out that you guys didn´t go bowling, to be honest, but I understand that it just isn´t the same when it isn´t at Teton Lanes and playing for quarters!

So to answer your question mom..... here you go,

MTC, 9 weeks, with Peterson and Gabel
Albany, 7 weeks, with Fristrup, Thompson/Tillick 
Medford, 5 weeks, with Sadler
Feitosa, 12 weeks, with Pinto
Viçosa, 23 weeks, with Shokes, Amorim, Guerra
Cententario, 12 weeks, with Mattos
Brasilia, 4 weeks, with Keen
Boa Vista, Current, with McCloskey, Pájaro

Wow.... I am old. I hope you can understand all of that too. If you want any more information just let me know. I have most of it written down already. I don´t know if you guys share stats and things at the MML hahahaha. That would be pretty funny though. I don´t have anything really specific for you to say to them, but let B-MILL know that it would be cool if he just happened to show up during or Skype call.... :) Speaking of which! Seeing as how Christmas is on my P-day this year we can pretty much plan to Skype on that day if it works for everyone. Don´t worry, I know how to get it to work this time so we won´t just sit there looking at each other awkwardly for... a half an hour hahaha. Good times. Can you believe this is pretty much my last call? Because the next one will be two days before I come home... I don´t even know what I am going to do that day.
So I am just going to give you a little run down of what happened this week in my life... I hope you are all ready for this. Monday, P-day was awesome - played volley ball. Tuesday, one of the missionaries who lives in the house with us decided he wanted to run away.... he jumped over the fence and just left full speed. We had a member help us try to find him but after about a half an hour he came back and said he just wanted to go for a run and get some air.... I sat him down and practically interviewed him and now things are all square and he already talked with Pres. Wednesday, Zone Conference!!! It was awesome. President was really funny and it was just a good time. The mission is doing really really well right now so we are all very excited about the work. I love working close to Pres though. I say this almost every letter, but it is so awesome. Thursday, normal work day. Friday, all of our district leaders had baptismal interviews so we had to plan our day super carefully and had to travel in the bus lots.... boo! But it all worked out and the people were baptized! Hooray! Saturday, normal work day everyone fell through, we walked a lot. Sunday, drunk guy came into the church during sacrament meeting screaming/crying that he wanted to see miracles. We had to sit him down and give him a talk and help him find his way out. Also there was a bat that was flying around the building and all the little kids were freaking out and the teenagers were saying, "It´s Edward!!" (Twilight) but we all know he never turns into a bat. It just made me think of that Office episode when Dwight catches the bat on Meredeth's head and Jim acts like he is turning into a vampire. Life is awesome :)
To be quite honest with you..... That is pretty much what my life has been for the last........ 12 weeks. I love it. I just can´t explain to you how much I am loving my mission right now. Yesh there are TONS of things I miss back at home but let´s be real here... When will I ever get to help drunk guys in Portuguese or listen to my inspired mission pres in the same week?! Never!!! I am so happy I am here and I love you all so much and these last 6 months are going to fly by... Just you watch!! I am healthy and happy and the Church is still true..... Have a good week :) Stay sweet...

Elder Bat Deal (this one was clever :p)

Oh yeah! and on Thanksgiving we had a DL buy non-alcholic beer for his district and called me after he bought to see if they could drink it..... The kid is going places.

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