Monday, March 11, 2013

"Old Friends"

The subject line has two meanings for this week. One is pretty simple. This week I had the chance to go on splits with my very first comp here in Brasil... Elder Pinto! It was a pretty funny experience to see how much both of us have changed. Now we just speak Portuguese when we only used to speak in English or I am the one leading the teaching now and not just him. I think the funniest thing of all though is how when we went to lunch we both put a huge pile of beans on our plates and we just started laughing because "In the beginning" we both hated beans and now it is just normal. It was a good time and I am excited that I will be leaving with him.
On to the other meaning of "old friends". We are teaching this absolutely amazing old lady named Maria do Socorro. She is 73 years old, lives alone, and all of her children have died and she just gardens all day. But our lessons with her are amazing. I have never had lessons in my entire mission more spiritual than the lessons we get to teach her every day. It is unbelievable to be honest. It is as if when we walk into the room the Spirit just takes over and we are just there because the Spirit needs voices to help him. It is these types of lessons that make a mission so worth it. Yes, I have taught other spiritual lesson during my mission and had other spiritual experiences, but nothing like this. It just makes up for everything during the mission. The hard work, the hot sun, the struggles with the language at the start, these few lessons have just been so.... perfect. I can´t express my gratitude to the Lord for letting me even be a part of it. And the thing that makes it even better is that she wasn´t the "golden reference" or "the person who showed up and just asked to be baptized". She was a contact, just a normal average every day contact that I have done so many times in my mission. It amazes me how the Lord works and how important it is for us as missionaries to do our part.
Also, I had my last normal interview with Pres. Gonzaga this week. It was funny because I had just been interviewed by him and I will be having my last interview here in a little bit, so when he called my in he just said "We are just doing this to be formal hahaha" And then we just sat down together and talked about the zone and how I can start focusing on helping the district leaders do better. But that was pretty much it hahaha. It was still fun to just chat with him, but I am sure my next interview will be an interesting one.
That pretty much just sums things up for me here in Aeroclube! I hope you all have another great week and Ry just takes it easy with Spring Break wooooooo!! Any fun plans dude??? I love you all and miss you tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay sweet.....

Elder Big Deal

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