Monday, March 4, 2013

"Young Blood"

This week Cache's little sister Ryley was endowed at the Draper Temple prior to her entering the MTC on May 22.  Cache gets home May 16, so we're anticipating 6 days of blissful family togetherness.  Saturday all the rest of us were in the temple w/Ry and they called up "Sister Goozy" to the veil.  In the Celestial Room a young man approached me and asked if we had a son named Cache?  Heck yes!  He said his name is Nate Finch and he and Cache knew each other at Brighton and they served together in Brazil. He said Cache is a great missionary and the people love him and he is doing amazing work there. Talk about a tender mercy in the temple for a missionary momma.  (See, at times, there really are some great perks to having a bizarre last name!)

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidsssssssssssssssssssssss!!! Hahahaha good times :)

So I am just going to start with transfers. I am still here in Aeroclube as a ZL and by the looks of it, this is going to be my last area seeing as next transfer is one of only five weeks. I am really happy about it though because the majority of my areas have been here in Macei├│ and it makes things a lot easier to visit all the areas I have passed in. I am really starting to like Aeroclube too. It might be in the running against Boa Vista for coolest area. 
My new comp is once again from Rio Grande do Sul. I swear there is something about me and getting comps from there. It is not a bad thing though because they are always awesome and really hard workers. His name is Igor Rodrigues and is just a newbie still. The punk doesn´t even have a year out in the mission, but he is such a good missionary. It is exactly what I needed after my last comp and so I'll keep working hard until the end.... because the end doesn´t even exist for this kid yet hahahaha. I like him a lot though. He reminds me of Gentry Alan Nielson and we all know Flint Rider is just one of my favorite people in the whole world. Elder Rodrigues is an amazing teacher and worker. It amazes me how much I am learning from him every day. These next two transfers are going to be a blast.
As for the work this week, we found lots of great new people to teach and our area is down to just one companionship instead of two so we have a lot more space to work with, which was much needed. Our baptism for this week ended up falling through. It was a bummer because it was planned for Saturday night at 7 and he called us during lunch that day and told us he wasn´t ready. We went over and tried to help him out, but he just didn´t have the desire. It was funny though because he still showed up at church the next day. He will get baptized for sure, we just have to wait for the Lord's time on this one. We still have other people lined up for this week that we are helping and it just gets me excited for all the potential this area has. 
I am not really sure how to talk about what happened with you all in the temple this week with Nate Finch. To this day he is still known as one of the best or the best missionary who has passed here in the mission in recent years. He was one of my buds at Brighton and he was my DL his last transfer here and we got really close and he helped me out a lot. There is just no way that he was there at the temple just by accident. It is amazing how the Lord always has these little "mini miracles" planned for us when we do what is right, as in going to the temple and such. I am so glad that night and the past week was so full of great spiritual experiences in the temple and can´t wait to be there with you guys as well. :) 

I also can´t believe Brad and Landon are home now. Those guys are just wild. I remember being in the MTC with Brad. Now there is just O-lex and then next is me.... We are all getting way too old. 
Well, I better get going and I am sorry I don´t have a pic with my new comp, but I will get one up soon. I loved the pic you sent me mom. It is so cool to see the whole family outside of the temple together. Love it. Stay sweet....

Elder Big Deal

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