Tuesday, November 8, 2011

When It Rains It Pours

Opa fam!

Where do I even begin with this week... awesome! So Mom right off the bat I dont know all of the facts you want but I will try my best to answer everything. The address I have is just for the mission home cause that is where all of our mail will go so I dont know the address for my actual place, sorry. Here is the address:

Brazil Maceio Mission
Av. Dom Antonio Brandao
333 Sala 402 Ed Work Center
Farol 57021-190 Maceio-AL Brazil.

I am sure that is super confusing so just look in my call packet and I am sure you can find it there. My area is pretty sweet I am in the city pretty much, but not the actual city of Maceio. I can see it though. We have tons of investigators to me (coming from Oregon) but we are about average on Brazil terms haha.

The language.... is frustrating. I still can't understand people very well and the thing is I speak Portuguese, not Brazilian, and there is a big difference. And I am trying to catch on to all the slang terms and the pushing of words together but it is hard to learn how to listen. I guess that is where prayer comes in right? :) hahaha.

98% of our transportation is walking... which I am fine with. We ride buses and stuff when we need to go to the office or something, but that is pretty rare. The driving down here is crazy so I am fine with walking. We saw thess two trucks get into a accident and it was pretty sketchy. We do a lot of just street contacting, which I like a lot more then knocking cause I feel with knocking I am too much like a salesman. Street contacting I feel like a normal person with an awesome message about happiness and salvation haha.

Our walk to church isn't bad at all we can see the church from our place but to get where we e-mail it is about a 40 minute walk. I am fine with it. The church is really pretty here, I will get some pics of it soon when I am brave enough to walk outside with my camera. I am trying to think of what else to say area wise... The weather here is pretty awesome, not super hot but it can be. We had a lot of rain Saturday and yesterday so we were tracking in some mud and my shoes got a good work out. We usually get into our place by about 8:30 cause it is a little too sketch to be out after that. The black tag really is like a shield though. It is amazing how blessed I am just by being a missionary. Like a lot of the places where we work my comp said he wouldn't go down there in normal clothes and he is Brazilian.

The work is going great we are teaching a lot of cool people and I am actually helping with the teaching but the stuff I say is just kinda memorized phrases so I dont feel like I am doing much, but I know bearing my testimony helps a lot. I love how no matter what language it is in, a testimony is always so powerful. I always give the lunch message too, which I like cause I feel a bit more comfortable with members. The members here are awesome and they are super nice and help me learn the language more.

I think that is about it.. We had a black out last night which lasted for about an hour but it was pretty cool. They are common here. And then we killed 8 big cockroaches last night too... not bad. Oh! I finally had a meal with beans yesterday and I was more worried about the pig ear and intestine than the beans. It was actually pretty good but still... I felt like VooDoo. The food is good and I am still healthy so I can't ask for much more.

Sounds like stuff at home is awesome. Ry I am stoked for you and seeing that pic of Mac was awesome. I miss that kid so much you have no idea! Happy birthday to Trent. Get a Killionaire for me k? Have a good week, love you all so much!

Elder Big Deal

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