Monday, December 5, 2011

Among my people......

Really Mom?? You are gonna send me a poem like that?! That was so unfair! I was literally sitting here at the computer with tears running down my face. That was awesome, and much needed. Thank you so much. And Dad, I have also been studying the love of Christ a lot lately... My favorite page in PMG is 120. It is in the chapter that talks about Christ-like attributes and that page has the attributes of patience and humility. Those two attributes are pretty much the themes of my mission, if I can learn to have to have those two attributes I will without a doubt change for the better. But we all know I struggle with those a lot hahaha. I actually have an experience for both of those this week.

Let´start with patience. We have a lot of really awesome investigators. All of them are truly searching to know the truth but they all have the same problem, no one comes to church. That is pretty much the hardest part of missionary work because that decision is completely up to them. We can even go to their houses before church and try to bring them with us but no one can ever come. And it is really frustrating to us because obviously if people don´t come to church they can´t be baptized and we are getting a lot of pressure to baptize right now. And then the other thing that goes along with this is all of our adult investigators are living with someone. No one is married here. And it is really frustrating because most of the time they make more money not being married so they aren´t willing to get married. 

But the cool thing about all of this is is this is where prayer and Heavenly Father come in. Every prayer we say is in hopes that Heavenly Father will help them to remember to come to church or to find their faith to be married. And we haven´t seen it yet but I know, without a doubt in my mind, that if we continue showing our faith by teaching and loving the people, Heavenly Father will help with the rest. I just need to be patient haha.

Now on to humility... haha remember how I hurt my ankle in Oregon? Think I would learn my lesson, nope! It hasn´t been bugging me since I got here which is awesome. But one night we were walking to go see an investigator and these people were having a caporeira, spelled wrong, party out in the street and it was sweet. It is pretty much like break dancing and so we went to look at it and Pinto pushed me into to doing a backflip... Don´t worry I didn´t get hurt again, I should have though. I knew the second I jumped that I did it wrong and I wasn´t going to get it around so I turned it into like a half back hand-spring and landed on my knees. Let´s just say I have learned my lesson, no more backflips while on the mission! Besides now I am to scarred to try them anyway which bugs me cause that is like the whole reason I took that class. But we actually ended up having a cool thing happen after. There was a girl there from the U.S. studying Portuguese and she came up and talked to us and said she would like to talk with us again but just cause we speak English. Who knows though, maybe when we see her next we will sneak in a little first lesson :)
That is pretty much my week though! The computer I am on won´t let me send pics which makes me sad cause I have some sweet ones like of a scorpion we caught in our house and what it is like to help someone move in Brasil. For Christmas I will more than likely be Skyping with you guys which gets me pumped! I will call before so we can set up a time and everything though, deal? Oh and by the way... I heard through the grape vine that USU beat BYU in basketball.... AWESOME! I miss my Aggie basketball - not gonna lie. 

Well that sums everything up I think... Thank you all so much for your prayers and your constant flow of awesomeness. I really love being here though.. I can´t even explain it. These are just my kinda people. Crazy soccer fans, trust me they are nuts esspecially yesterday, relaxed, happy, and always looking for a good time. I love it. Almost as much as I love you guys and this church. Have another awesome week and be sure to watch Garfield Christmas soon!!
Elder Big Deal
P.S. One more thing on humility... I had a kid ask me yesterday why my nose is so big... Ouch, Maybe I should have put Elder Big Nose this week...

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