Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"Get trunky.........."

Hahaha no family it is not what you think it means, I am in no way trunky except for one way... I miss the English super verb of, to get. It really has about a million uses in English and it does not exist in Portuguese and it pretty much kills me. I have a million verbs I have to learn instead of having one verb I can use for pretty much everything. It GETS really annoying, you GET what I am saying? Enough of this, I need to GET on with this e-mail.

So a little bad news for this week is I took some awesome pics of this weeks activities but.... I forgot my camera at our place, super smooth huh? We had a pretty eventful week actually. We both felt much better this week and that helped a lot. We didn´t do a ton for Thanksgiving, we pretty much just treated it like a normal day but we did end the night with a spectacular meal at Rodizo... So good. The one is Utah doesn´t even compare to the real thing here. You guys will have to try it some time! Hahaha Another fun activity of this week was... Elder Pinto and I both hit the 6 month mark! WOOT! Hahaha yeah I dunno if I have told you but my comp and I have the same amount of time out in the mission so it will be pretty funny when I end up leaving with my trainer haha. We had a little bit of a party and we burned ties together, memories. Sorry I have no pics of it though!

Work-wise this week was pretty awesome. We found two more families for us to start teaching and they are so dope. One was a referral from some Sisters and the family lived at the farthest place away in our area. It was an hour walk to GET there and when we finally GOT there they could only talk for maybe 10 minutes. So we just shared a quick message, but it was awesome. The mom just started crying and we could all feel the Spirit a lot and it just amazes me how fast the Spirit can work in our lives. Mom I really enjoyed what you had to say about the Spirit in your e-mail. Another thing that was cool about that family was that we, Elder Pinto and I, put on a activity at the church on Saturday and all of her kids showed up! It was a sweet activity we had about 20 kids there and we just played games and Elder Pinto did magic tricks for them, it was a memorable event. Since the kids lived so far away though after the activity we helped get them home and on our way back we had this guy stop us and say, "How come I never see you guys in the richer neighborhoods? I have had interest in your church but have never seen you come to my door." AWESOME. He had some great questions and we set up a meeting with him for tomorrow morning, can´t wait for it.

That pretty much sums things up here though. We are all getting excited for Christmas but I can´t tell you a lot of the traditions yet because... I don't know them! Hahaha so I will give you all those details later, deal? Mom I will be on the look out for a nativity scene of course but I will probably wait till next Christmas... deal? I love the picture of the Teach Me how to Douglas or whatever. I was dying cause that is my favorite dance move ever!. Thanksgiving sounded like a good time for you all and I hope the Christmas traditions are already getting started!

Oh! I totally forgot! I had to speak in church yesterday! Super intense because for some reason it was just me, not my comp as well and I found out like 5 mins before.. super legit. But whatever! I said a little prayer right before I got up and I could really feel Heavenly Father helping me speak correctly. It actually went pretty well and people said that they could understand me and liked what I had to say.. I am stoked. But what it all comes down to is the power of prayer is real, especially if you pray for specific things. Ah I love it. I love you all so much as well. Have another great week fam!! :) Stay Sweet...

Elder Big Deal

Ps that is awesome you saw Julie and Kara!! And it is even better you saw them at Café Rio... almost as good as the food here.

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