Monday, December 12, 2011

"The MISSLE-toe"

I was super tempted to just write this e-mail as a list of things I miss but in reality.. it wouldn´t be that long. Not that I don´t miss things, but I just don´t really care. haha I am way too busy having a blast in Brasil. Seriously. When else in my life would I have a chance like this? Never. So better make it awesome. But... I will say I do miss the MISSILE... just cause walking 10000000000 miles every day gets a little tiring. 

Ian that picture was so rad, I love jokes like that so thank you so much! Hahaha Kreggers is the new ward mission leader?? Not gonna lie I would love to be a missionary in our ward with him. I feel the work would explode. You would just have to plan in "Tear Time" with him hahahaha. Good ol´ Bro Peterson, tell him Merry Christmas for me k? 

Speaking of Christmas... We don´t spend money on Sundays cause we are LDS so we were thinking about Skyping with you guys Monday after Christmas, our P-day. The time difference is about three hours so I dunno when would work for you but I practically have all day so I am fine. But if that doesn´t work out I can always just call you on Sunday and do it the old fashioned way. I will probably be calling next P-day just to set up the time and stuff k?
We had a interesting week this week. We just had some tension between us because of teaching differences and our purpose for being out here. This is all new to me cause I have never been with a comp for longer than a transfer. And also at the start of this last week I was on a "woe is me" phase because of the language. But in reality I am not even doing that bad, I am just not progressing as fast as I would like to and I am just tired of hearing, it will come with time. Hahaha patience, can´t forget patience. But what is cool is on Thursday I just... got over it, and decided to start having a better attitude about everything. I love the talk from Elder Wirthlin from Nov 2008 General Conference. It is called, Come What May And Love it. It is such an awesome talk, I highly recommend checkin it out :) 

Speaking of The Twelve... we had stake conference yesterday and we got to hear from Elder Cook and President Eyring! So awesome. It was just over video and I didn´t understand a ton of it but I still felt the Spirit a lot and that is what matters. I just love hearing from President Eyring. I don´t know what it is about him but he just stands out to me a lot. Just how he talks and everything. And it was perfect cause we ended up having 3 gators there and they all had some really great comments after it ended. The best part though was right after President Eyring finished the little 6 year old kid behind us yelled, IT´S OVER!!!. Everyone started laughing pretty hard, whata stud. :)
The last thing for this week that is pretty neat is the missionaries in my zone are helping to sing in the Christmas choir. None of us can sing at all but it is fun to be with everyone and sing some Christmas songs. I haven´t really gotten into the Christmas spirit yet cause... it is still summer here. It feels like my whole mission has been summer haha. But I will say singing White Christmas in English either gets you in the Christmas spirit or trunky. One of the missionaries in our house goes home next week so let´s just say... it got him trunky, a lot. Hahahaha what a noob.
That pretty much sums things up here. We have our mission Christmas party tomorrow and I am super excited because the whole mission will be there. We are actually going to help set up after we finish e-mailing and having lunch. I am just excited to see Elder Finch. He went to Brighton and we had a few classes together so it will be fun to talk with someone from the 801! Mom. Idea: You should tell all the missionary moms to buy the soccer jersey of the country where their son is. Cause then when you wear the Brasil one everyone will be jealous cause Brasil is the best at soccer... no battle. Hahaha 

Well i love you all so much and I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas spirit. Dad did you end up going to Black Friday this year? What is the gift everyone wants this year, me home? Hahahaha just joking :) Have another awesome week and be sure to keep the real meaning of Christmas in your hearts. Stay fly...
Elder Big Deal 
P.S. We had lunch again at the house that gave us goat stomach, this time wasn´t as bad but we had to put sugar into our juice and we were legit just scooping ants into our cups... Yummmm. :)

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