Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wild Week

So I will be very honest with you all, I have no idea where to even start my e-mail this week. It was legit the most spiritual roller coaster I have ever had in my life. But it all ended up being good so no worries. I guess I will start with the mission Christmas. It was awesome!! We had the whole mission there and it was just a blast to talk to everyone. I talked with Sister Nelson, I was her DL for two weeks in the MTC and then I also talked to Elder Nate Finch who went to Brighton! We had a few classes together but he is a year older then I so we didn´t really have a ton of connection but we had some good chats. 
One thing about Christmas though that was funny was there was a talent show... I am sure you all know where this is going. I got roped in at legit the LAST minute to go up and do a dance. It ended up being a blast and it was good for me to dance.. I miss it so much. Pres really liked it too hahaha. I have it on video but I am not sure how I can get it sent to you. Speaking of videos, the one Nyla made about all of us missionaries was awesome. I really believe one reason I love being out here so much is because I know that all of my friends are out doing the exact same work. It is great.
We baptized an 11 year old girl and she is awesome. She would recite the Word of Wisdom to us and stuff when ever we would come to teach her mom. They are both awesome but we are still working with her mom to clear up a few more things but she knows it is true. She told us about how she said a prayer during church last week and got her answer which was awesome. But it was a good thing for us because it really brought the Spirit back into our companionship quickly and it got us even more excited for this week where we have another cool family who is preparing to get baptized on the 24th... White Christmas eh?

To end the week though we ended up watching the First Presidency Christmas message at the Stake Center and after that we had our little choir concert that turned out great. I will admit though I sat there trying to imagine there being snow on the ground outside haha. It sounds like we are all kinda struggling to get into the Christmas spirit this year... which is kinda of a bummer seeing as how last Christmas was wild. ¨I got this voucher....¨hahahaha oh memories. I just know that once you guys bust out good ol´Garfield Christmas you guys will start getting into the mood of it all :) 

Oh one other very cool thing about this week was I got a letter from Kara Andrews and it had a a lot of just little messages from other Brighton girls just kinda of cheering all of us missionaries on. It was pretty touching, I just wish I could write her back but I don´t have a post office in my area so if you see her could you please thank her for me? I am excited to talk to you all next week and was a little bummed that I didn´t end up getting a hold of you yesterday. But I am legit free all next Monday to Skype so whatever time works for you will most likely work for me. There is a four hour time difference though, so we will just have to work that in. I love you all so so so much and I hope it starts snowing a lot there all of sudden. Stay fly... :)

Elder Big Deal

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