Monday, March 26, 2012


Alright, just to let you all know and understand..... the picture of me sleeping on the mattress without sheets has a reason. That picture is from when I was on splits in Maceió and they had tons of missionaries in the house and only a few mattresses. So I know it looked super gnarly but.... I am alive right? Beleza? Hahahaha Oh how I miss my family :)

So this week was pretty wild, but generally when I say "wild" I mean "awesome". So I ended up staying here in Viçosa and Shokes was shipped off to the other state in our mission. He will do awesome work and he really is such a hard working missionary. My new comp is Elder Amorim, a Brazilian, and I don´t know how to spell his first name so I won´t even try. He is rad and we are already getting along really well. He is helping my out TONS with my goal to be a Brazilian. Teaching me all the slang, customs, everything. I love it. He has almost one year in the mission and came out the transfer before me, so we are both excited for the always dreamed about "Hump Day" Dun dun dun. We just laugh cause we both still feel like really young missionaries. The other neat thing is I am Senior comp now and it is a whole new experience. So far it has been fun but I have already noticed changes in how I am working and praying. I am just happy to finally have a different situation, instead of being the missionary who was trained for.... like 5 months :p

The work this week was.... different. We focused pretty much all of our attention on our baptism for this week to help her prepare herself for baptism. We did practices with her outside of the water, asked if she wanted someone else to baptize her, everything. We really felt like she was ready for it and she was super excited as well. We showed up at her house on Saturday and she was like, "Let´s go! I am so excited ah". Everything went perfect until she got into the water, once again, we tried EVERYTHING. Amorim literally spent 45 minutes in the water with her trying to help her out but it still didn´t happen. She went under ti´ll her forehead, but that was it. We are going into Macieó tomorrow and we will stop by the office and talk with Pres to see what we can do. Most likely we will end up baptizing her in the river here because she is also a little scared of tight spaces. Who knows. I am just gonna keep praying and I know the answer will come eventually. Heavenly Father has a plan for everything.

That sums the week up though here. Real transfers will be on Saturday but I am 99% sure we will be staying together which I am fine with. It sounds like Ryley had an awesome week at the greatest place in the world. How was it Ry? Still beautiful as ever? I can´t wait to go to the Logan Temple when I get back. Dad, I am pretty much straight up just studying the language right now. I read a few chapters of the BoM every day in Portuguese so I am not really doing anything super in-depth, but I will let you know when I start my next topic, deal? Tubustus. The last thing, Mom if you haven´t already sent a package, do you think you would be able to send a lot of ties? They don´t need to be anything great, just some to give away to the youth here and other people who don´t have any. If you 
can´t I totally understand. Well, I love you all so so much and I hope you have another super blessed week! Stay sweet.

Elder xSquidChildx

P.S. Ian and Holli, if you happen to see Mac could you please make fun of him for me? Thanks :)

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