Monday, May 7, 2012

"I live here......"

Beleza família!!! Tudo bem com tudo mundo?! Sounds like once again, you all had a great week back in the good ol´SLC.... where the players play.... hahaha. Except for Ry and all of those wonderful AP tests. That would be horrible. That is one thing I for sure don´t miss, tests. Ugh! But I am sure she will do amazing on all of them and so I am not too stressed for ya sis ;)
My week here was pretty meh.... My comp had a rough week with his back so he stayed at home for most of the week. It did give me the chance to go on splits with some of our recent converts though, and that was pretty fun. It was rough at the same time because they are recent converts so they really didn´t help with the teaching parts, but the bearing of their newly-formed testimonies helped a lot. They are so awesome. I am so excited that I am staying here another 6 weeks with them.... Yep! We had transfer calls on Saturday and Elder Amorim is getting moved out because his back can´t handle the hills here so that means I am staying still. This next transfer will put me at six months here... Not really a bad thing because I love my little Viçosa a ton. I do feel like I have contacted everyone though, so we will see how that goes. I am just excited to see who my new comp will be and hopefully he will bring a lot of excitement with him because there is still plenty of work to be done here. I will miss Elder Amorim though. He really helped me out a lot. Esspecially with the language and accent. He was a fun comp and I hope he is able to feel better soon and stay in the mission.
I really don´t have much more than that for this week... Sorry the e-mail is so bland this week. I hope you like the pics I am sending you. One is of a view point in Maceió that is just so pretty and the other is of this six watches I bought that you can change the color of everything on it and mix um up and stuff. It has some pretty legit colors if you aren´t able to see them. I am trying to think of what else to talk about.... Oh wait, MOTHERS DAY!! I can´t believe I am already going to be skyping with you guys again. I am so excited!! Mom already knows all the details so she will hook you all up, but we are planning on Monday. I am so ready for next week, it is going to be a blast. And Trent, if you happen to be playing some Halo in the background I wouldn´t mind.... Hahaha. Once again, sorry for the lame letter but next week will make up for it. Love you all!

 Elder Big Deal

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