Monday, May 21, 2012

"One More Time" - Daft Punk

So for sure, everyone needs to blast that song for me this Friday because I am not able to. It is the perfect song for how I am feeling right now. I can´t believe that the ever awaited "Hump Day" is this Friday.... Strange huh? But the thing is I am pumped for "Round 2". So just listen to that song and just know I am so pumped to get things in gear. I almost started crying the other night because I got sad that I am "close" to running out of time here in the best country in the world.... I love Brasil so much .... and Viçosa.
This week was a pretty normal, but still had a few bummer twists and turns. We had a baptism lined up for this Saturday, this awesome little girl who is cousins with one of the most firm members here and everything was going great with teaching her and her parents/mom letting her be baptized. But then Friday night we passed there and her mom completely changed her mind. So we had one of those lessons where we were just back and forth about why she needed to be baptized. Her daughter even told her that she wanted to be baptized but still nothing gave. We ended it by saying "We respect your choice and we aren´t here to force anyone but please pray tonight and sincerly ask if she needs to be baptized and we will come back tomorrow". So we ended up going back Saturday and it turns out she "wasn´t there". Yeah we stopped by two times to try and talk to her but her daughter said she wasn´t there but in all reality, she was just in a back room hiding waiting for us to leave.... Awesome. But it is all good. We will respect her descion and will see what happens in the future.
We also had some guys from the church come fix our house up this week.... Best blessing ever. They painted the walls and doors, fixed the toilet, put more lights in, and best of all.... Put in hooks so I can finally hang my hammock! Oh I am in love with that thing... Such a tender mercy and easily the best study place ever after your mom has sent you tons of great books to read. Oh they also cleaned out the rats and bats from our ceiling, too! Now I don´t have to deal with cleaning up their "little surprises" every morning by my study desk.... Jerks. But is was cool because we got to help out a bit and I learned tons about plumbing and electrical stuff. I feel like I am learning more then just spiritual stuff here in the mission.... Who knew right? I also couldn´t stop thinking about what would happen if Bill Shledon was here hahahaha.
Things are going great with my Squid Boy. (Cache is training a new missionary) He is such a funny kid and we get along like champions. It is fun because he is already a really good missionary but I am teaching him more about missionary life. He is just clueless about some stuff and I just laugh cause I know I was the exact same way! He is rad.... Hahahaha he legit just asked me how to spell "BYU". Hahahahahaha I love this kid!
It was so great to talk to you all. You all looked really great and are still that amazing family I left back there in good ol´Utah. I am sorry that once again the Skype was rough but hey, I could see you all smiling so that made me happy. I am so glad that our family is the way it is. That we are always just laughing and happy..... You guys are wild. This past week was super eventful for everyone, but for sure the best of all was Trent´s hole in one! Congrats dude that is awesome. So Mom gave me some more questions so I will take a crack at those, but before I forget, Mom I love the name and for sure will use it. Don´t tell anyone though :)
What color watch are you wearing today?- None :( I forgot it at home. But I have plans for wearing my big black Ferrari one.
What's the funniest thing that happened to you this week?-  I made some weird goblin sound with the Pres of the Branch last night and he started crying from laughing so hard. PS!!! A member here in Viçosa got on to Youtube and found the video of my Brighton Skit. The whole Branch has seen it now! Hahahaha
What do you like best about your new comp?- Everything. We honestly get along so well. He is funny, he is from Rio, he helps me with the language a lot, is teaching me how to dance Samba and rap in Portuguese, and is always willing to help. He is just a blast always.
What's the hardest thing you did this week? - Ummm sitting for more then 5 hours in the church for leadership meeting was rough. And then leaving feeling like I am nowhere near my capacity is rough too. I was a bit trunky too :p
What's the strangest food you've eaten thus far on your mission?- For sure the goat stomach still. Not a fan at all.
What was strange or gross to eat before, but now you're ok w/it? Hahahah we all know the answer to this one.... BEANS! I actually love beans now. Like they are delicious. Does that mean when I go to Café Rio I will order all my stuff with beans? No.
Stay Sweet,
Elder Big Deal

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