Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Happy Memorial Day family and Happy Birthday Tanner!!! If I forgot anything else... I am sorry. I hope you are all out having a wonderful time doing something fun today and I hope the weather is just beautiful today for all of you! We had a pretty rainy week here but it was actually a blast. We legit had a night where I, being brilliant, forgot my umbrella at the house, and it rained rad-tasticly hard... We were drenched but it was so fun. We were just singing as we were walking and still trying to make contacts and stuff. It really was a blast but not something I look forward to doing again though.
So when it rains here it brings all the frogs out of their little hiding places and so there are frogs everywhere in the roads, in houses, everywhere! And so one night we were teaching one of my favorite people in the whole wild world, Daniela, and we were sitting there and a HUGE frog came into the house. I wish I had my camera there to take a picture, but really this thing was just massive. And everyone started freaking out. Daniela and her mom ran into another room screaming, Alany (one of the best people/members I have met on the mission) ran and got on top of a chair, and then best of all... my comp started screaming like crazy, "I have never seen a frog before!! Ah!! It is going to get me/kill me!" Hahahahaha I was dying because for me I was just stoked. I went over and just lead the frog to the door and helped him outside and just acted normal. After the "Frog-asco" everyone was stunned that I don´t have a fear of frogs and my companion was 100% sure that it was "deadly" and was legit just blown away that I didn´t die but the thing is... It was just a normal, etremely overgrown frog! But he just could not relax. It turns out he has never seen stuff like frogs, snakes, scrpions, and other stuff like that and everyone was blown away. I mean come on, the kid lives in Brasil! That stuff is an every day experience for these people. But I guess down in Rio that stuff isn´t TOO common, but still... relax Bro it is just a frog. But the next day (Sunday) everyone was making jokes about it and everyone now calls him "Elder Sapo" or "Elder Frog" he takes it like a champ though. I love this kid. He really is just what I need at this point in the mish. And the frogs name by the way is "Devin".
And that pretty much sums up our week! Hahaha we just did a lot of contacting and finding this week which was much needed. We have been making a lot of really interesting contacts lately though. So as you all know, my comp is a stud. He is amazing at guitar as well. He has been playing for 7 years and can play pretty much whatever he wants. He even taught lessons for 3 years. But the second he got here everyone in Vi├žosa started having guitars! I have no idea how he finds these people, but we find a new person every day and we just go and play guitar with them for a little bit and then teach them... honestly the best contact ever. I love it.
We also had a really powerful re-activation lesson last night with a family who has a son that started coming back to church about a month ago. The dad was once the first councilor of the Branch Presidency and everything. I can´t tell you how much we need hm to come back to church. Another Priesthood holder would completely change the Branch. We have set goals with him and everything, but I am sure his son's example will help him return. I can´t wait to see that family in church!
I hope you all have a good week today and I like the comment you gave me about McKay's talk. And tell Kreg that for sure some things don´t change. I bought some fake Flix/RayBans for $2 bucks for my Hump Day gift. I also went to the Pizzaria here with the branch members - it was special. It is so funny though because really the "Hump Day" was just a normal day in the work. I always thought I would get some super secret tip on how to be awesome after that day, but I was let down... Hahaha :) I love you all and have a great week!!
Elder Big Squid

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