Monday, June 4, 2012

"I am Tired"

Hahaha I really have no other way to put it this week. I am legit just so tired. But then I got online here and I have these absolutely amazing e-mails from you all. Ryley, your e-mail had me laughing so hard. By far one of the best letters I have gotten on the mish. So thank you so so much. And then it sounds like tons is going on in the next few weeks for the Guzy family and that just makes me so happy. I can´t believe there won´t be a Guzy at Brighton anymore... Weird. I miss that school so much and I am so happy Ryley had an amazing senior year there. Your letters really just gave me so much energy though which was much needed so thank you :)
So we had Zone Conference this week and that is one of the reasons I am tired, because it is always just a really spiritual experience... you all know how it works and then 3 hour bus ride takes it outta me. Also, President burned us all pretty bad on some stuff and that always makes the weight of the work just a little heavier though. It was a fun conference though, because my boy got to bear his testimony in front of everyone and in the middle of it he starts crying and says, "My companion is wonderful. I know he fell from the heavens to be my trainer." So I have been taking a lot of ruckus for that from all the other missionaries. Also some of my very best friends in the entire mission gave their leaving testimonies, one being Elder Finch. It is going to be really rough to see them all go, but I know they will do good things back at home and the mission will continue on doing what it needs to do. I just hope one day I can be the type of missionary they were. Also, Sister Gonzaga showed a video of a whole bunch of missionaries going home and it totally trunked everyone out. I just sat there laughing though because I was remembering watching Tanner and Ian go down the exact same escalator knowing exactly how those families feel. I just hope that when I do that mom will have a bag of T-bell for me ;)
Also this week was tiring because of the work here in the branch. I am literally acting as the 1st counselor to the president here because he is always out of town. It is really cool because I am learning so much about the Church and the importance of the Priesthood in the Church, but at the same time it makes it really hard to do normal missionary work. We are doing all the visits, teaching both hours at church on Sundays, more than likely we'll have to start being the seminary teachers because one of out strongest members/ seminary teacher moved to MaceiĆ³ this week, and still trying to do normal missionary work. It is wild. But it is exactly like I told you guys over Skype, every night I go to sleep just beat, and then every morning I wake up with the same silly smile on my face thinking, "Yeah let´s do it again!" Hahaha I love this work. :)
On top of all this... Brasil beat the U.S. 4-1, what is the deal guys? Can´t take a little Brazilian heat? But then Brasil went and lost to Mexico 2-0... Yeah we weren´t happy at all about that. And also... I totally saved my comp's life. We were helping one of our members with his garden behind the church and my comp didn´t know that one of the cement blocks above the water box was faulty. Right as he stepped on to it I jumped and pushed him out of the way and the block fell into the deep mysterious abyss. I sent a picture for you guys :) 

I think that sums it all up.... besides the fact that I love you guys way too much and this church is true.... No matter how rough the work is. It is true. It is that easy. I love and miss you and hope you have a great week full of laughter and dreams.....
Elder Big Deal
P.S. For those of you who are going to be in Cali.... go check out the chili beans stores!!

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