Monday, June 18, 2012

"Kinda bummed..."

Well! Before I get all all bummed out about a few things, let me start by being super happy for .... "The Danger". Happy Fathers day big guy! I wish I could Skype with you today like I did with Mrs. Danger but I don´t think that would fly... But all the same, you know I love you way too much and I hope you had a great day just relaxing! 

Also, I guess I will answer those few questions Mom. I really don´t remember too much about either of my grandpas but that doesn´t mean I don´t love them. I remember for my baptism that Grandpa Dale was one of the spotters for when I went under the water and that was rad. I thought for sure Dad was gonna hold me under the water forever :p And then with Dad I don´t even know where to start.... So much to say but I guess I will say this: Dad has taught me how to always choose the right. Always. Ol´Danger grew up without the Gospel in his life but was still a good person. He knew what was right and what was wrong and practically lived an LDS life from what I know. And his living like that has been a huge influence on me because whenever I was tempted to drink or do something lame like that, I always, always, ALWAYS, thought about how Dad didn´t do that kinda stuff and if I did I would get burned bad because I have grown up in the Church. He has taught me how to keep the commandments, like serving a mission. I think it is so awesome Dad was out serving as soon as he could have been when he went on a mission. What a champ! I could honestly just talk about this for hours... Danger, I love you. That is all there is to it. :)
So I am kinda bummed because.... I am getting transferred. Yesh, I know I have had tons of time here buts things are going really great right now and I absolutely love this branch. I am going to miss Viçosa so much. I feel like this is the area where I really became a missionary, where I really learned what my purpose is. Of course I had days when I wanted to just leave this place and go somewhere else, but I always loved Viçosa. The members here are amazing and the people are so funny. I am going to miss the President of the branch so much. I really hope that one day I will be able to return here before I head home but, who knows. I am excited for the new area and everything but I pray that the new elder that comes will love Viçosa and work his heart out here. The hardest part about leaving is saying good bye to the members... Last night was rough but it will be for the best. One of my favorite young men gave me a Brasil jersey.... What a stud right? That kid will go places.
I am also really going to miss Elder Guerra. He is so wild I can´t even explain it. I can´t tell you how many times he left the gas on the oven on, almost killing us but I love the kid to death. He was a perfect boy to train for me and I am bummed I won´t get to finish training him. He will do great things though here and he told me I have a spot saved next to him at the World Cup in Rio. I am so there. We worked really well together and taught really well together. There was just a flow with us when we were teaching and I am going to miss it... But everything will be okay :)
My time in Viçosa ended well. We had a baptism on Saturday and she is great. She is a little nine year old girl who lives with her less-active mom and she is practically a mom herself. The family is just the mom and 5 kids the oldest being the 9 year old. She helps her mom like crazy and it was funny because during Primary she was helping the teacher with the other kids more than learning for herself. She rocks. We also made some really cool contacts that I am bummed I won´t get to teach but everything will go well for sure.
I am dying to hear baby news! I hope everything goes smoothly this week and I can´t wait for next week´s e-mail already. I am going to be an uncle! :) Still can´t get over it. I hope you all have something fun planned for this week and you all keep being that happy family I know we are. This is why I am here. I want the families of Brasil to have the same happiness I am lucky enough to have with all of you. Stay sweet....
Elder Big Almost Uncle!

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