Monday, December 3, 2012

"The Hunt"

It is December!!!!! and by the sound of things there is still no snow in Utah... What a horrible thing. At the same time though I think it is great! Because now I can´t say that if I was home I would be snowboarding because in reality... I wouldn´t be! So I count this as a blessing for me, but for you all back in the 801.... Não sei!
So we just got done with a mission conference from Elder Costa, who is the President of the Brazil area and oh my heavens it was awesome. He was so stinking funny. I don´t even know how to explain it. I was actually really nervous for this mission tour because he has a big reputation of loving to "burn" missionaries, but he didn´t even get angry. He just told us to better ourselves and that is obviously something that we all need to do. I just love how mission presidents, 70´s and Apostles have this way of being so so so extremely loving, yet always willing to correct the mistake. It is EXACTLY how people should be. It is how you can tell when people respect you. They aren´t a push over who everyone loves because they can do whatever they want, but then at the same time they aren´t raging dragons of anger and meanness. It is just a perfect mix. It was a really inspiring meeting and I am glad I had the chance to hear him talk about his mission stories and stories as a General Authority.
Since he gave his tour today, obviously our P-day, I am now here in the center of Maceió and do you know what that means?? Yep! I am on the hunt for Mom´s nativity scene. So far I haven´t seen anything too legit, but I am sure that I will find something sick here in a bit :) 
A few other fun facts about this week... 1. We had another baptism!! Her name is Gerlane and she is the last daughter of this part member family in our branch and she is just as sweet as can be. Her parents aren´t members because of marriage issues, but the rest of the family are members but are the most active in the Church. We are trying to help re-activate the family and help the parents but it is a bigger challenge than it seems. I don´t wanna go into details because I don´t wanna criticize the family, but let´s just say.... Beer is the dumbest thing ever invented. 2. We had the power go out for over an hour in part of the city and that was neat. We usually just go to some place that has any light at all because the chances of getting robbed are a lot higher when there are no lights. And I don´t wanna get robbed. That pretty much sums up my life though once again!! I am excited for the Christmas call... I have so many funny things I can´t wait to tell you, but they are only funny in person... or Skype cause it is almost the same thing... Tchau!!! Stay sweet.

Elder Big Deal

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