Monday, February 11, 2013

"Meh week"

So I don´t really have too much to talk about this week. We had a rough week here of just knocking doors and trying to find at least one solid person to teach. We had a little bit of luck and even got someone to come with us to church, which was such a big miracle. Her little brother was baptized a few months ago and we just barely got her to come to church as well. We will see how things go with her during the week and we are just excited that we finally have one person to teach.

I am not sure if you guys all know, but this week was the start of the ever horrible... CARNIVAL. Hahaha. Oh how I didn't miss tons of people running around with eggs and bags of flour attempting to throw them at us, or our neighbors playing really lame-sauce music until the wee hours of the morning.... Ummm this all really brings the spirit. Hahahahaha. It actually isn´t too bad here, yet. I am sure later tonight and tomorrow will be pretty interesting. It is just fun to think about how last year I was in Viçosa still struggling to speak, now I am here understanding all the stuff the music is saying! Hahahaha. I still have yet to get hit by an egg or flour bomb and I plan to keep it that way. A few prayers from you guys though would help :p

I am excited that the fam will all being going to the temple soon! I think I said this in the last letter, but I will say it again anyway. It is a hard choice between Draper and Salt Lake. Both are very very awesome and beautiful, but if it were up to me I would go to Oquirrh Mountain. I have no idea why, but I loved that temple when we went through it that one day Mom. 

I hope all goes well for you guys and that the garage stops throwing fits. Where is Bill when you need him?! 

Love you!!!
Elder Big Deal

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