Monday, February 18, 2013

"Wait, what?..........."

I can´t even tell you how many miracles happened here during this past week. This past week was probably one of my favorites of the whole mission. So many amazing things happened and it was just what I needed to get my head on straight and keep going. It is so amazing how the Lord works on his own timeline and how it always "happens" to be just right.
First off, we had people we have been working with for this whole transfer who are finally coming around and seeing the importance of baptism in their lives. It is such a neat thing when you are able to see that they understand it and use their faith to mark a date. It is so so so rewarding as well, because after so much work, love, care, and prayers, they feel and know that baptism is what is missing in their lives. I am very excited for the week ahead and for all the stuff we have.
Secondly, we had zone conference this week. I don´t even need to explain to you how spiritually uplifting zone conferences can be, but this one was slightly different. Here in the mish, the elders who are just coming in bear their testimonies and so do the elders who will be leaving before the next zone conference. My whole group was all excited because our next zone conference would be our testimony time, but Pres threw us a curve ball. Because of the transfers here, my group will miss the next zone conference by a week, and so even though we still have a lot of time before we peace out, we got to bear our testimonies. It was such an interesting experience for me because I remember so well when I was there in the same chapel giving my testimony upon arriving... bad Portuguese and all. It hit me pretty hard though when I started talking about Brasil and the people here that my time is ending..... and how bad I don´t want it to be. I can´t explain all the things I have learned or the feelings I have felt, but I know there is still so so much more for me here. These past weeks here have been rough because of a million reasons, but the biggest one being my own drive to help the people closest to me and just work, no matter the situation. Bearing my testimony was a... a.... I dunno, a slap in the face and "Get your rear in gear Guzy!!! I have so much more I need to do, so many more people who need to hear the gospel, and many personal qualities that I can improve on. I forgot that in the world outside the mission I have to worry about math tests, politics, jobs and tons of other things. My time to come home will come one day, but as for right now, I am not coming home till next December.
And last but not least, I had the opportunity to go on a division with an elder from........ FRESNO!!! Hahaha what are the odds of that, right? It was awesome because he is still pretty new here in the mish and I got to see all these pics from Fresno and hear him talk about how much he loves it there. Ry, you are going to have such an awesome mission there. I don´t know about the other wards, but Elder Katich said his ward loves the missionaries and they do really well there. I am so excited for you :)
Well that is about all I have for this week! Mom, I chatted with Pres about EFY and he said I can get on and do what I need to do with that. Also, don´t stress about the no Valentines thing.... I didn´t even notice it was Single Awareness Day until one of the clowns in the zone called me up and told me. It is weird because usually Valentines is a BIG DEAL for me, but not this year.... Next will be wild though for sure. 

Well, I love you all and can´t thank you enough for the advice you have given me lately. It was much needed. Have another great week and stay safe. Stay sweet....
Elder Big Deal

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