Monday, February 4, 2013

"California girls are baptizers....."

This week Cache's sister Ryley received her mission call to the CA Fresno mission.  She'll be speaking Spanish.  Cache gets home May 16 and Ryley enters the Provo MTC on May 22, so we will have the whole family together for 6 days.  Her mission president is Larry Gelwix, the "Get-away Guru"/Morris Travel guy and Highland rugby coach featured in the movie Forever Strong.  

OH MY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BEST SISTER IN THE WHOLE WORLD JUST GOT EVEN COOLER!!!!!! Ry, I am so stinkin happy for you!! The mission in Fresno will have no idea how to even handle the wild child that will be Sister Guzy! Doesn´t that just have an awesome ring to it? Sister Guzy... Spanish speaking master and Gospel teacher of the eternities. Yeah it has a good ring to it for sure :) I am also very very happy about when you will be leaving. Yesh, a little more time with you would be perfect, but the Lord knows what he is doing and I think that week will be awesome for our family. I will be honest though... it will be weird to be going back to The MTC almost 2 years exactly after I left... I´ll probably cry or something. 

But on the topic of the MTC and Fresno.... Did you know I have already met and talked with your Mission Pres? Yep! He was there when I was in the MTC during the new presidents seminar thing and I was outside studying with some buds and he passed by. One of my friends called out to him because he knew who he was from Forever Strong and being the awesome man he is, he came and sat down and talked with us for a good 45 minutes. It was really neat to spend time with him and I even remember leaving thinking "I hope I get reassigned to his mission!". You will love him though, and you can learn tons from him and his wife. You are going to love that mission. People kinda get disheartened about going state-side, but in all honesty, it will be a major blessing for you and you still get to learn a language! Foreign missions are fun, but they're rough in the start and towards the end, because no matter how much you love the culture, you start to miss your own country. I can´t tell you how much I loved my time in Oregon and I know you will love your mission a million times more!
Well, with all this going on my week seemed pretty stinkin normal... which it was. Nothing out of the ordinary happened teaching-wise, but my comp and I got to have special interviews with Pres this past week. My comp is just kinda..... tuckered out and wanted to talk with Pres about some stuff. So being there with him.....I took the chance to get an interview as well! Hooray! We just talked about blessings and all the things I have learned since I have been out here. It was exactly what I needed as well to get that last little boost of energy.  I may be tired, but there is always more I can do. 

That is pretty much my week though! I love you all so much and once again, congrats Ry and Caitlin (Ryley's friend Caitlin opened her call to the Ukraine Kiev Mission the same night) on the awesome mission calls. I hope you all have another great week with lots of spiritual experiences... Até mais! Stay sweet....

Elder Who was a big deal until last Thursday

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