Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Elder Goo-zy meets Pres & Sister Gonzaga

Things are once again going great here in the MTC. This past week was actually really awesome. I made some major jumps in the language because I no longer had Elder Peterson to fall back on to when I'm struggling so I guess it was a blessing that he got his visa and I didn't.  I do miss him and the other members of my district tho. But I also have another reason why my not getting my visa was a blessing... I got to meet my mission president already! President Gonzaga and his wife are up here for the mission president training this week and I happened to run into them during dinner last night. I could already tell that they were amazing people and I am really excited to be able to work with them. They are from the South part of Brasil and have also never been to Macieo so he said "it will be a new thing for us both" which is true. He and his wife both speak English thank heavens but I tried to speak what little Portuguese I knew with them. He said I did pretty well but I know he was just being nice. They are really touchy people so it took a second to get used to but it is all good. And they call me Elder Goo-zy because the Guh sound doesn't exist in Portuguese. These next two years will be like one long phone call from a tele-marketer haha.
This week is actually really exciting here in the MTC because of the mission president training. There will be a lot of general authorities here so I am sure our next few firesides will be pretty wild, I will tell you all about them next week. I am going to play I spy a general authority so I best be on my toes. I also get to spend all of Friday afternoon with President Gonzaga so I am very excited about that. Maybe I will tell him to make me AP so I can show Ian it is not that big of a deal even tho... I am a big deal! Ha.
Like I said earlier the language is coming along really well. We have 6 "investigators" here so we are always speaking the language. I am doing well when forming sentences and things but I struggle with all of the correct conjugations of the words which I am sure the bros know what it is like.
It sounds like things are going great at home. Dad, Ashley Annen wrote me and said you did an awesome job on your talk in her ward and that she just loves our family, way to be Danger! Mom you are still working on camp.. who knew?! Ha. I am glad your talk went well too. Are they not sick of hearing from the Guzys yet? Ry I am glad you had a good time on trek, I know it was probably miserable but you learn so much from it and it becomes such a testimony builder. Ian good luck with you test tomorrow I know you will do well, I am praying for you bud. Eliza, thanks for the DearElder. I am getting my haircut on Thursday so we will see how that goes. Sorry I haven't sent pictures yet the computer was broken but you should get them at some point this week. Prepare to be blown away... Well I love you all so very much and I hope you all never forget that. Happy Fathers Day once again Dad. You really are the best example for my life and have taught me so much. I hope this week is even better then the last and that everything goes smoothly. Love you all so so so so so much! 

Elder Big Deal
 P.S. Mother... If I do end up sending a suit home do you have a preference to which one it would be? That is all I can think for right now sorry if this e-mail is short!

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