Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Spanish is Portuguese for babies

Hey fam,
  I hate this stupid timed e-mail. I just lost ten minutes cause the computer had issues. I am going to try as much as I can so if my e-mail just ends you know why.
     First off i dunno if I said anything last time about Gentrys call, that is awesome he totally fits that mission, can you try to get me his address? Congrats to Danger on the new calling I think that is awesome just be sure to throw in a lot of Dave jokes when you talk k?
     But things are pretty normal here. Just working on the language and making some progress I can understand most of the time what people are saying if the are talking about the gospel but anything after that and I am just lost. So the subject title is true. I carry flashcards with me everywhere just trying to learn new words and get all of the conjugations down. I spend my gym time playing soccer if we are outside and I love it, I just play with the ball a lot and it is just a good time. If we are in the gym I play volleyball which is the 2nd coolest sport here. Playing soccer really makes me wanna go to Brazil and play down there. Have you heard of anything visa wise on your side? I haven't heard much here yet besides other missionaries getting theirs. Mine could legit show up at anytime and I could be be outta here which would be sweet. I think I would have an easier time with the language if I was forced to learn it.
   Mom, good luck to you with all your camp stuff I hope that it is going well and i am sure you will make it amazing just like everything else you do.
   Dad, I already gave you a shout out so... just keep being dangerous. And I think the missile will be in good hands with Cam. I did put all of my money into the bank but I have gotten more checks since I have been here so I will send thoase soon.
   Tanner, spanish is Portuguese for babies just letting you know. :)
   Trent, I play soccer with all the missionaries who are speaking Hatian-Creole and they love me cause I know like two phrases so send me some more?
   Ian, I see Ondra everyday. We are super close and I love talking to him about everything. He is just the perfect example of how true the church really is. And he is soooo much cooler then you.
   Ryley, we sang Come Thou Fount on Sunday and I just thought of you of course. You make that song so pretty I hope you know that. I would love for you to see what it is like when we sing Called to Serve, it is wild.
   Eliza, I am going to be getting a haircut soon. Wish me luck.
   Holli, make fun of Ian a lot for me and beat him in Mario Kart at least once a day.
I see a lot of people I know here it is quite awesome. Elder Tyler Talbot came in on Wednesday and we have caught up so that is sweet. Elder Walker left on Monday so I miss him already. I get plenty of letters in the mail, but please update the FB with my DearElder stuff, that would be the best i believe, and just my normal MTC address. Well I am sorry this letter is so all over the place but I am being timed I hope this is enough for everyone. Thanks so much for the package that was awesome. The tapito is being put to great use. Some Cheez-its might be nice tho... and some t-bell... oh how I miss the sweet t-bell. Well That is about it for this week, sorry once again. I love you all so much and know that Heavenly Father is watching over you while I am gone.
Elder Big DL ;)
Ps My district calls me a player cause of all the girls that write me.... I love this place! Hahaha oh and I met someone from PA who knows Gentry.. Small world eh?

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