Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Mission Presidents Week at the MTC

Okay I have a lot to talk about so I am just going to get right to it. This week has been so amazing. I have honestly never felt the Spirit so much. The mission president seminar was so great and I loved being able to spend a lot of one on one time with my pres. He and his wife are amazing people and I can not wait to be in Brasil with them. I know if I keep praying my visa will come and I will be able to get down there asap. I also had the random oppurtunity to sit down with president/coach Larry Gelwix from Highland rugby and the movie Forever Strong. He just happened to be walking by and Elder Pagatto (the one who knows Gentry) called him over and we talked with him for about a half an hour about how missionaries and presidents are called. It is a amazing process. We all got the chance to bear our testimonies to him (there was about 5 of us) and that was really powerful. If I don't get my visa I would love to go to his mission hahaha. 

For our special devo this week we had Elder Bednar speak to us on becoming Preach My Gospel missionaries, it was an awesome talk. We also had 6 other GA there as well. Holland, Ballard, Anderson, Nielson, and I am blanking on the other two at the moment I will check my notes when I get back. Uh that is gonna bug me. Another great thing about this week is Elder Gabel and I have the chance to meet with some very important lady from Brasil today and we are going to be there with a lot of the presidency from the MTC. There will be four other missionaries with us but it will be pretty intense because I dunno if my Portuguese is all that great yet, better start praying now eh? 

Speaking of Portuguese Elder Gabel and I are on a 2 day no English fast and it is going well. If we say a word in English it is 10 push ups, I have already done 110 and we started last night haha. I will be ripped by the end of my mission. Something else cool about this week is there is a journal here called the Brighton Book and everyone who has gone to Brighton can write in it. It was such a testimony builder to read the testimonies of all of my friends and it just shows that no matter how rough the MTC I can get through it, even tho I love it here haha. I can't wait to write my testimony in there as well and join the ranks with Elder Miller, Smart, Mendal and many others. 

Besides this awesome week things have been going well the language is coming and we are all getting along well. We got to watch "The Testaments" movie on Sunday and we were all just making jokes and enjoying the Spirit there. It reminded me of how our family would be. I am sure if we watched it we would all find some sweet lines to quote. My personal favorite is..." Are you a SPECTOR of the gods?!" hahaha so wild. 

Sorry if this doesn't give enough info but it is hard to talk about all the great things while being timed. It sounds like th family is doing really well and I am excited for all things that are going on. I got Tanner's, Ian's, and Eliza's letters and I will try to write you guys personal ones via e-mail if I have time but if not I need addresses for snail mail. Well I love you all so much you don't even know and I love this Church and this Gospel just as much, cause without it I wouldn't have you in my life. I am going to keep working hard and try my best to be the missionary and the man I need to be. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
         Elder Big Deal
   P.S. They gave us exercise bands when we first came in so of course we made a sling shot out of it.... So cool but not so smart hahahahahahaha

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