Monday, November 14, 2011

Elder Goozy....Relaxa!!


Once again another awesome week here in Maceió! I really can´t get enough of this place it is so perfect. So I think it is time to talk about the food here. Usually it is pretty awesome, 90% percent of what we eat is chicken/sausage, spaghetti ( my favorite!) and rice. Then we usually have some type of delicious juice to go along with it or Coke. Everyone here LOVES Coke. So generally lunches are pretty good. I haven´t had to have a lot of beans yet which is fine. My comp doesn´t like um either and so when ever we have them we play a game called the QBean Sneak to see who can get the other comp to eat more beans hahaha. So the food is pretty good it is just the random meals that are crazy... like this week... I had goat stomach... Yum! No actually it was pretty gnarly and rubbery, not a fan. I should have stopped eating it when I noticed my comp not getting any haha. One food here that is such a tender mercy is this thing called cuxinha, it is this deep fried ball of chicken and cheese that is just delicious. It is my sub for T-Bell right now.

This past week was a solid week. I finished Jesus The Christ which is possibly one of my favorite books ever. The detail he goes into is amazing and it states everything so clearly. I honestly could not put it down, it was a constant flow of the Spirit while reading it and I loved that. I am reading Our Heritage now and after that I just am going to really focus on the scriptures which will be great. The people we are teaching are awesome. We have an awesome family we go and visit, the mom's name is Rosa and she has ... 3 daughters and 2 sons. They are a great family and are close to baptism, we just need to help get them to church! The two boys are around 7 and 8 and we are best friends. When I first meet them I couldn´t say much in Portuguese so I would just make faces at them and now that I am more comfortable speaking we just make jokes and laugh and they help me learn the language better too.

I have found that if I just relax and talk I do a lot better, hence the subject of the e-mail. I have been going 100 mph since I got here and I need to just breathe a bit and learn to have patience. I love working hard but I need to slow things down a bit so I can listen to the Spirit more instead of trying to do it all myself. During lessons is where I get the most stressed and if I just chill a bit and allow the Spirit to help the lesson will go so much better. The language is coming along well but I am still nowhere near where I want to be.

But back to the people. I love them, everyone is just super chill and always giving thumbs up and it just makes me smile. Oh! Except for this Saturday we were waiting to cross a street and some punk in a bus threw fruit at me!! I didn´t get anything on me but it hurt a bit. I love it though that is an awesome mission story now!

I think that covers most of it... Mom thanks for your e-mail! I really liked what you had to say about v/h teaching. I hope everyone else is doing well! Danger... I hope you are still being Dangerous and have you started playing HALO with the Bros. yet? Ian, sounds like you have a lot going on right now! Good luck with it all champ! Just remember, if your plane crashes it is because the pilot was a loaf of bread hahahahaha. I hope you all have another great week and don´t cause too much trouble. I love serving a mission so much, every night when I go to bed just physically, mentally, and spiritually spent I just think to myself, ¨this is awesome, I would never have stuff like this happen if I didn´t serve a mission,¨ then I peace out because I am so beat. This church is just so true!!! Love you all!!

Elder Big Deal

P.s. I accidentally hit the S so it said Elder Big Seal Hahahaha I shoulda left it

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