Monday, November 21, 2011

"No unhallowed hand............."

Can stop the work from progressing, but a sore throat and a runny nose gets really close to doing it. That pretty much describes this week. Elder Pinto and I both got sick and it was horrible. He got it first last Tuesday and that is one thing that stinks about having a comp is if he gets sick, more than likely you will get sick too. Being sick on a mission is pretty much the worse thing ever. It is not like you can just make some ramen, cuddle up in a blanket, and play HALO til it goes away. You just sit there and think about how miserable you feel and about how you wanna go out and work. And if you do go out and work you are just out of it the whole time and it is really hard to feel the Spirit. It is no good. I am just getting over it though. I had it bad Saturday and Sunday, and barely got any sleep.

Oh my mom!!! That picture was hilarious. I am legit just laughing out loud in the lan house! Hahaha I had to write that before I forgot. So we had Zone Conference this week which was pretty dope. I actually understood and got a lot of it. Pres and Sister Gonzaga are just awesome people. I had to bear my testimony and say the closing prayer. It was actually not too bad. They say I am doing really pretty well with the language already cause I have a flow when I speak but I need to work on using the correct conjugations mostly. It will all come with time. One reason I really liked Zone Conference was because I finally got to meet some of the other missionaries here in the mission and hear about other areas. For the past couple of weeks I have just felt like it was my comp, and the two other Elders in our house against MaceiĆ³ haha. There are some really cool people here though for sure.

This week we obviously didn´t get a ton of work done but we had a cool thing happen with Rosa and her family. We went to just stop by and remind them about church and when we got there we found out it was someone in the house's birthday. We didn´t wanna interrupt so we tried to leave but they pulled us in and just started feeding us all this good food, plenty of coxinha :) But it was just so amazing because in all honesty, this family really doesn´t have a lot and there are a lot of mouths to feed but they were so willing to share with us and make sure we were full. It was super spiritual for me. Just the amount of love they have for us and their being so selfless was awesome. I love that family so much.

That pretty much sums this week up though, I didn´t eat anything weird this week or have anything too crazy happen. I am glad you all had a great week as well. Liza, mom said you got a pretty solid tan, we will have to compare :p hahaha Oh! for Christmas, I honestly don´t need anything. I guess the deodorant here isn´t that great so you could send some axe dry to me and that would be helpful. For Christmas I honestly just wanna buy soccer jerseys, they are ALL I EVER WANTED! (Prince of Egypt) People make fun of me here cause I haven´t picked my Brazilian team yet. It is kinda hard though when I can´t watch anyone play! Oh and another fun fact... cleats are super expensive here which just ruined my hopes and dreams of buying a really sweet pair but whateves I´ll live. I think that sums it all up though... Love you all so so so so much! and in case you didn´t know it.... THIS CHURCH IS SUPER TRUE!

Elder Big Deal

P.S. Elder Miller has been out a year now... what a nerd and the pics are of a baby lizard we caught, our room and a night of cockroach killing. We actually killed about 8 more that night I just took the pic a little early :/

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