Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Hi my name is............"

Elder Guzy and this is my friend... Ah! I honestly have not made so many contacts in my life! Usually I like making contacts and talking with people in the streets, but that is legit all we did this week. Trying to find new people to teach is not nearly as fun as teaching someone, but you gotta find to teach right? Luckily, we did find some more good new people and mark a couple of baptisms. Which reminds me, that is awesome about that young girl getting baptized!! It is also good to know that no matter where you are in the world, finding people to help with the actual meeting is hard. Mom, 99% of our baptisms are like the one you had this week. So stressful! But it all comes together in the end and the Spirit is so strong usually that the person doesn´t even notice the little mistakes. 
Besides just making tons of contacts this week we had Zone Conference as well and it was awesome. I always forget how much I like hearing from President and Sister Gonzaga. They are both so funny and creepily remind me of Mom and Dad. We talked a lot about numbers and trying to plan better and I ended up learning some good things. We also talked about overcoming carnal desires which is interesting because we, as in Mom, Dad, and I, have been studying that lately. He gave some good input and got us all excited again for the daily battle of "Bed or Baptism". Things are still going really great in our house with waking up on time but it was a good reminder.
I really don´t have a lot of other stuff to talk about... We were pretty bummed yesterday because the family we are teaching right now bailed on church. I think that is one reason a mission is hard on the heart. Every week you work and work and work and pray and pray and pray til Sunday comes and your heart gets broken when they don´t come. But there is  a reason for everything. Maybe they weren´t supposed to be there this Sunday because the next Sunday will be the lesson they need to hear. You never know.
I am sorry this letter is pretty lame. Ry, I am jealous. That is all. :p Mom thank you for the pictures you sent and I am stoked the Danger Dave Party went well this year. I will never miss one again.... Oh what happiness!! :) Have a great week family, be safe, and know that I love and miss you all. Stay Sweet....

Elder Big Deal

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