Monday, August 27, 2012

"Go to church!!!"

So to start off this letter I will already tell you that I don´t have too much to really say about this last week. The zone hadn´t been doing so hot so, last Tuesday we had a zone meeting to try and get everyone fired up again. It was a great meeting and it got us all stoked to work super hard this week. And that is what we did, it just doesn´t look like it in the numbers. It was one of those weeks of knocking tons of doors without results, appointments falling through, and no one accepting a date. We had marked for 18 people to come to church with us yesterday, not one came. We even passed their houses. In all honesty it was just one of those weeks of trials and really trying to show our faith to the Lord that we want to baptize here in this area. I know that trials mean growth and experience and maturity, all these amazing qualities, but as always, during that time or trouble, it is rough. I am mostly just bummed about the people not going to church. It kills me. Nothing makes me happier then seeing people in church. You literally see a change in the person when they are there.  I love it. It is also a way to see the results of our work. But, this is the life of a missionary right? Bad days, bad weeks, heck, even bad transfers happen, but I just need to keep trying to better my work and increase my desire to do the work. It is hard to do, but possible. As a quick side note, more than likely, one of us will be getting transferred here in two weeks (when I will be 21, gross) I am fine if I stay or go but who knows what will happen?

On a happier note! I loved all of your e-mails today. That was honestly a big big boost for me. It was great to hear from Trent and Ry and I can´t thank you enough for the jokes! Also, Mom and Dad, now that you two just have TONS of time on your hands :p your letters are awesome. I love this whole talking about the gospel with you guys. It is nice to be taught instead of teaching sometimes hahaha. It is also fun because we are pretty much at the same point in the BOM and I love hearing your comments on things. I also like hearing about what is going on back at home in every bodys' lives. The pictures were also really cool. Ian, I won´t lie that jacket is pretty algebraic! Hahaha. Once again, sorry for the kinda blah letter. Next week will be better, I promise. Please give my best to Bill and I hope you all have another good week! Stay Sweet.

Elder Big Deal

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