Saturday, August 11, 2012

"I knew it!"

Hello to my family that is both awesome and cool!

I was thinking this week if you guys were going to be heading up to Snowbird soon and what do you know, you are there right now! I knew it! Hahaha I was thinking about it because everyone here is watching the Olympics and that is one of my favorite Snowbird memories of all time. I loved watching the Olympics with everyone up there and just all the fun activities that we do up at Snowbird. Remember how I used to be crazy about the arcade? Good times :) I hope you have a good week then and take that time to just relax.

Things here this week were great. We had a lot of really good, and powerful lessons this week and I just felt... I dunno, into the work again. it is funny how a few lessons can totally change a week around. We also marked some baptism dates and are really excited to have them achieve that goal. One thing that made the lessons fun this week is that I am kind of known for having the phrase of, "If they are strong in their church, they will be strong in our church." And I really think that to be true. It is so much more fulfilling when we teach lessons that all full of scriptural references and people actually paying attention. I love it. Answering real heart-felt questions is awesome because when you respond and they make the connection, a new light just comes to a person, Ah I love it;. Yesh, those people are sometimes a little bit more difficult to teach, but it really gives us a chance to rely on the Spirit.

Also this week I read the talk, His Grace is Sufficient, by.... crud I forgot who it is by but Mom knows, at least 4 times. It is such an awesome talk and really helped me with some of the issues that I am struggling with right now. Also the Spiritual Roots has been helping a ton. I love that book and have probably read it 3 times on the mission. Things really are doing better with those two struggles. 
Mom, I would love to get actual letters of some of your tips and advice you give if you would be willing to send those. I can print your letters out here in the LAN House or even put them all onto a pen drive, but it would be nice to get a letter every now and then. I have loved the letters that I have gotten from the Lunts and Sister Carr by the way. With a package I am not really sure because I am trying to think about things I need or want and the other thing that jumps to mind is 5 buck Little Ceasers pizza that has been in the fridge or some of my beloved Lynn Wilsons but I don´t think those are possible. I will get back to you on that though :) I better get going but I love you all so much and can´t thank you enough for the help you are all giving me. I love hearing about the things that you all dealt with on your missions and that stuff. Which reminds me, i don´t ever remember seeing any of the bros return home with a lot of the mission stuff, like plans and PMG ish like that. What did you all do with it? Just out of curiosity :) I love you all and have a great week! Stay sweet....

Elder xDisneySquidx (Can you say sick new gamertag for Halo 4 or what?!)

P.S. I am feeling a lot better now and am not dead. Sister Gonzaga said I do need to fatten up though... I am honestly trying so hard! One day it will all catch up to me though.

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