Monday, August 13, 2012

"More than a good word"

Beleza gente! :)

It sounds like another great relaxing week for you all and I am happy things are going great back at home. I am even more excited that Ry is already pretty much up at USU. Ah... I know I talk about this every letter but Ry, I am so happy for you. I am sure you are probably feeling a little nervous and maybe under prepared, but that is alright. I would expect you to feel like that but I also hope you are just full of excitement. You really have such a great opportunity in front of you up there. Have fun Ry, make it a blast. I am not one to really talk about studying and good grades, but focus on your school work. It is so easy to get distracted up there. But once again, I can´t say much about this, I mean come on, my last semester I took bowling, racqet ball, and gymnastics. Rough life eh? But there are tons of times you can study. In between class and in the mornings is when I studied the most. Find what works best for you and just run with it. 

My week here was pretty stinkin average....a lot of running around trying to find new people to teach. The problem is we have a few really amazing gators who are progressing really well but very slowly at the same time. We have a couple that we are trying to help get married and they are so awesome. They legit just eat up everything we teach. We are planning to watch the movie... heck I dunno the name of it in English, "Together Forever". You know that one from way back when Mom and Danger served missions? When Dad was comps with Moses I think it was.. Hahaha :) They have awhile still before they can get baptized, more than likely I won´t even be in this area, but I know that they will. I just feel it every time we teach there. But I am so happy to have real progressing investigators but at the same time we need to keep trying to find people who are ready to hear our message now. I know this area has people who are ready to be baptized... I just gotta find um.

It is interesting doing this kind of work though, because we talk to a lot of different types of people, but still hear a lot of... the same excuses I guess. It makes me sad because people here think that the church that is true is the one that is closest to your house or the one with the pastor who screams the loudest. (trust me there are tons of them) But by reading books like Spiritual Roots, Believing Christ, Articles of Faith, and a whole list of others I have learned that church is more then just a place to hear the word of God. Church needs to be a place where the word of God is taught, understood, and applied. The church really is the Lord´s university for us. A place where we can take our families and really understand our purpose here and how we can leave things behind that only give us pleasure and small amounts of happiness and in turn receive unimaginable amounts of joy. I don´t know how to explain it all, but it just hit me this week during my studies that there is so much more to a church than people talking about principles and miracles, it is a place for applying and bettering our lives. I hope you guys are understanding this in the right way. I just learn a little bit more every day how true this church really is, I am still working on trying to explain it though haha.

I don´t think I have anything else to say.... I am mad at this LAN House because the USB ports are so lame. Sometimes the recognize your card other times they don´t.... Today is a day when they didn´t... meh :( Mom, I was think about things I need and I came up with pretty much Got2bglued gel and.... a whole other list of books but I am not gonna ask for them because my suitcase is getting pretty heavy. I hope you all have another great week and are excited for school to start up again. The other day we were helping a kid do math and I honestly died... I can´t do simple algebra anymore. I have no idea how I am going to survive in college when I get back... Good thing I will have a smart sister close right? Tender mercy!! Stay sweet...

Elder Big Deal

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