Monday, September 17, 2012


Well hey!!
It sounds like the Guzy family all had a great last week and a really fun Sunday night. I miss our Sunday night game nights and sitting around the kitchen table quoting movies. "There is no eating puzzles in the house... and surely we don´t jump on the bed!" (Rocket Man) Hahahaha best movie ever invented! So I just have to tell you guys this, the LAN house I am at is FREEZING. The guy has the air conditioning on full blast and I honestly can´t even type.... I haven´t been this cold in a long time. It is weird hahaha.

So transfers were a blast. It was really fun to see everyone again and talk with some of my buddies. I actually saw all of my past comps. They are all doing well and they're excited to go to their new areas as well. I ended up getting transferred to Arapiraca which is the name of the city, but I work in the area called brasilia. It is way in the interior of alagoas and is pretty rocking. My area and ward are great. It is a pretty relaxed and open environment, and it just feels good to be back in kind of a smaller city, like Viçosa. My new comp is Elder Thomas Keen from, once again, Rio Grande do Sul. I swear I am getting followed by missionaries from that state. It is all good though because they are generally really funny and cook really good food. We will get along great. I am still a DL and excited about that. Our house here is super rad. We live above some members and it is just us in the house. I have no idea why but I honestly feel like I am in a cabin when I am home though. There is just this nice little breeze that comes in through the windows that reminds of mountains and stuff., but then I look outside and it is all palm trees and sunshine. Talk about the best of both worlds (chillin out take it slow, then we rock out the show!). Mountain breeze and palm trees! 

The only issue about the house is that in the entire city there is no water for usually three days a week. Luckily in the house we live in the member has a pump so we always have water but it is quite the adventure getting it to start. I have a video of it but it´s not letting me send it so I will just send you a picture of the bathroom and explain later. All in all, I am pretty stinkin stoked to be here. My comp is excited about the work, my area is huge, and there is so much potential here. I have a feeling I am really going to like it here.

I hope you all the like the pictures I am sending. One is of the beach on our way to Maceió... mmmmm. The others are of the view from my house, my new Zone (no sisters), and our bathroom. Mom don´t worry, I am working on getting that picture for you. Do you want it with like member kids or just a whole big group of whoever I can find?? Well. I am freezing so I am probably gonna run but I love and miss you all tons! Stay sweet...

Elder Big Deal
P.S. When does the Y play USU??

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