Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"It always rains on Sunday....."

Hello to my family that is cooler than dinosaurs, (that is a pretty big deal by the way)!

Wow, this week was awesome! I finally really got to get out and explore our area a bit and let me tell you, it is huge!! We cover not only part of the city of Arapiraca, but also some of the surrounding little cities! We legit have lunch 45 minutes away by bus sometimes. It is awesome, but at the same time it can be a time-waster. I am just finally happy to have so much space to work in. I loved Centenario but it was a really small area. 

We met and talked with some cool people this week. I dunno, the work just seemed to flow really well. We weren´t all crazy and trying to work a million miles per hour, we just took things slow and really relaxed and ended up doing a lot of really good solid work. We marked lots of baptism dates, which was a big relief because it had been a while since I had had anything solid, but I really feel that this area is going to be that "miracle area".  We only had one bummer thing happen this week and that was that once again no one came to church. We even went with a member and his car (because it was raining--every Sunday it rains!!) to go find them, but it still didn´t go down... There is always next week though, right? The bishop here is really focused on what he wants done and is not scared to get up in your face about it. I like it because it gives me a chance to show that I just might have turned into a responsible young man! Neat huh?! 

Speaking of almost being a responsible young man, not only am I learning lots of nifty tricks and treats about the Gospel out here on my mission, but I am also learning how to fix/buy a lot of things! We had our washing machine break this week so we had to go into the center and buy a new one and all that jazz. Little did we know that we would be the ones to set it all up! Yep, we had to get it all hooked up and everything and it turned out to be pretty fun. I just like how I can do all this stuff in Portuguese now without even thinking, where as a few years back I couldn´t even do this stuff in English! Also, our shower broke! This week was honestly just a hoot. The shower wasn´t too hard to fix, but it was a little more risky because we didn´t wanna get shocked. It all turned out good though. Yay for learning!

That is it though. I am happy, my comp is awesome, the area is sweet, and the Church is true. The only thing I could honestly complain about from this week is that still, even after almost a year in this beautiful country, I can´t agree with corn, peas, ketchup, and tuna on pizza. It just doesn´t work for me. I am glad you all had a good week and that everyone is healthy and happy.  I loved the pics of little Hazel last week ps :) Danger, you forgot to mention who won in the golf tourny! 

I love you all so much and I hope you have another great week filled with learning and laughter. Oh! and that you are all excited about General Conf. here pretty soon! Yay for living prophets and apostles! Stay sweet...

Elder Big Deal 

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