Monday, September 10, 2012

Hello people that I love a lot!

Well I guess to start off I better say thank you all so so much for the birthday wishes!! I honestly can´t believe how fast time is zippin ( ZIPPO!!) by. I remember this time last year when I was back in good ol´Albany Oregon! I don´t really have too much planned for my birthday because.... I am getting transferred! Yep! And the only thing I know for sure is that I am heading back to Alagoas which will be fun to be closer to Pres again. It is honestly like I came down here for a summer vacation. I really liked my time here and the friends I made but this last transfer was easily the hardest transfer I have had in the mission. I am excited for tomorrow to find out where I am going and oh yeah, it is my birthday!! Hooray! :) I am pretty sure my new comp and I will hit up a Rodizo with the b-day money and I am already just pumped on it :) Also, I would like to thank a certain special someone for the best birthday package in the world!! You know who you are and you know that you are awesome!! :D Elder Mattos, my current comp, will be staying here in Centenario and I am going to miss him lots. He is so funny and we got along great.

On to other topics! The work this week was all over the place. I spent tons of time in the ZL´s area helping them out because one of them kinda died because he goes home tomorrow. It was so much work working in both areas, but also a lot of fun and tons of good planning. The only thing that stunk was our baptism for this week fell through :( His name is Thomas and we had been working with him since we got here and he had been to church already and made friends then and everything he just wouldn´t accept a date. We finally set a date with him during the week for this past Sunday and he seemed so stoked on it.... I thought. It turns out when we went to go bring him to church he "went on a trip with his friends and won´t be back until tomorrow". Super bummed out. Elder Mattos will keep working with him so hopefully that will work out. That pretty much sums up our week though.

I can´t even start to tell you how stoked I am on USU beating Utah. That is why the Aggies are the dopest ever. Ry, thanks so much for the e-mail and for telling me how life is up there. It sounds like you are just loving it and I remember doing ALL (Hahaha) of those things too. Best school ever! Mom, I really like the idea with the hand-written letters and I think it would be nice if I started writing you guys a little more personally as well. Also... My release date is May 14th. We have two transfers of only five weeks here every year so that is why I come home two weeks early. Thank you all once again for the birthday wishes and making fun of my awesome tan line... You know you are all jealous :p Have a great week with everything that you have planned. Know that I love you all so much :) Who won in golf by the way?? Stay sweet....

Elder 21

P.S. The pictures are of a litle figurine a member made of me.... Pretty neat right?

Can someone teach me how to rotate these dang photos?

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