Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"The Wise Indian Returns..."

So... If the photos work I am just going to send those because I wrote a whole e-mail to you guys then the computer had a fit and deleted it... I am fed up with this LAN House! This week was awesome though. I am writing a little late because we just got back from our Zone activity which was a blast and that is what the pictures are of. I wore the legendary wilderness shirt today and I think it was a hit besides the fact I looked like a big redneck! As of right now it looks like the pics are working so... hooray! The activity was a blast though. We played a lot of volleyball, had an awesome treasure hunt, a Brazilian bbq (like Rodizo), and a water balloon fight! Sucha good time :) Speaking of pictures, thank you all so much for the pictures you all sent me. I loved them! Grandma looks great and it was nice to see her. Trent's beard is pretty much the coolest thing I have ever seen in my life and I am dying with jealousy. I can´t even grow a beard though hahaha. And of course, little Hazel is just adorable as ever.
This week was a really good week here in the district. They kept me super busy and I barely had time to work in my own area this week. It was a nice break - not gonna lie. But I did 10 baptismal interviews this week which was fun. Those are my favorite things about being a DL and doing 10 was just super. It was interesting because I had been kinda bummed out because Elder Mattos and I have been working really hard and not seeing the blessings in our area, but then I opened my eyes and saw the blessing that were happening in the district. Sometimes our example of hard work will give other missionaries the drive to work harder and find more people. As a missionary I am here to see other people get more blessings from our Heavenly Father and I usually think of that as investigators but in reality, it can be anyone I come in contact with! I love my district and I am super happy for how hard they worked this last week :)
We will also find out who will be getting transferred this Saturday and I am excited, but at the same time a little bummed. I don´t talk about Elder Mattos a ton but he is an awesome guy. He is still pretty new in the mission so he is learning a lot still, but he takes it well and just keeps working. I enjoyed my time with him, but it is more than likely one of us will get moved. I will let you guys know what happens next week with transfers, deal? I will be 21 next week.... weird huh? I still don´t believe it! Have a great week and thank you all once again for the pics and letters! Stay sweet....

Elder Guz√£o

P.S. We got robbed this week! We put our towels out to line dry, like we always do, but while we were out working some guy came by and reached through our gate and stole mine and my comp's towels. Ridiculous right? Good thing I had another one though. And I hope you like the pics. One is of Elder Mattos cooking the meat... It was awesome!

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