Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Way Ahead of You :p"

So Danger your e-mail made me laugh pretty hard. All of the missionaries that are about to be going home in the next... 8 months are talking about how there will be legit no one to date. So we are way ahead of you on the "who will we date?!" deal. I think it will be so funny though because the majority of the missionaries won´t even know how to talk to girls when they get back, let alone date them. I do think it is sweet though how many people are leaving though. I have a friend back home who just told me she is going to Spain and a kid here in the branch also just got his call to Lisbon like Megan Duke. So wild. It will be really interesting to see what will happen when all these young girls start showing up. More than likely I won't even be here when they come, but those who are left behind.... Good luck! Hahahaha.
This week was a really normal week once again. We had transfers again and I am still with Pájaro, best comp ever, but one of the other elders in our house got traded. It was really interesting though because Pres is trying to show that leadership isn´t a ladder in the mission and that it is a calling. So he "dropped" 5 ZL´s and one assistant to be DL´s or trainers and said that he doesn´t want missionaries ending their missions as Assistants or ZL´s. He wants them to train in their last two transfers. Let´s just say I am already feeling like I will be training again. Not that I didn´t like training, but I will be honest... It would be rough to train a greenie fresh out of the MTC in the last two.... But whatever. I´ll just do what I have to. It is still a little ways off in the future too.
Also this week.... I got your package!! It was awesome and I am already going to deal you that I opened everything... I did it not knowing that I was supposed to wait 'til Christmas. It really put me in the Christmas spirit though :) Christmas is really fun this year because I actually understand what is going on. Last year I was just a space man trying to learn the language. It is bad though because I am just falling more and more in love with this country... Christmas is pretty much exactly the same as it is in the U.S., but come on... Christmas with palm trees and pretty beaches every where is hard to beat. Thank you so much for the package though and Pájaro loved the tie and the other gifts. He thinks you guys are the best.... I agree.
I hope you all get a chance to enjoy the snow and the lights at Temple Square. Wow, I miss the temple so much... Go to the temple for me. Also... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Eliza the Awesome!!! What did you get dude?? Sick clothes? New scissors to cut hair? Trent won´t play Halo for a day?? Hahaha I hope it was a good one Liza :) Have a great week family! Stay sweet...

Elder Big Deal

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