Monday, December 31, 2012

"A dentist??!!

I totally forgot that I wanted to make that joke about Ian last week with him being a dentist and all... Did anyone watch that movie this year? I hope so or the Humble Bumble will be out to get you guys for sure. It sounds like you guys watched a lot of other sick movies though this past week eh? SkyFall, The Hobbit, rough life, right? Whateves... they will all be on NetFlixs when I get back anyway :) 

It was so stinking awesome to talk to you all though last week, even though it felt like such a little bit of time :/ That is alright though, I think it was better that it was just a short one because in all honesty.... I will be home before you know it and it will be more fun to chat face to face there. I do feel like I didn´t get to talk to EVERYONE though... Hazel didn´t even scream at me...Silly baby! I can´t believe how good you all looked though. It was so nice to see people wearing actual clothes! It is too hot here to wear all that stuff and I forgot how sweet it is to get dressed up all sweet like.. You guys are just champs.
So not too much happened this week being Christmas and New Year's. Everyone is either traveling or drinking and both of those make it hard to contact and really work, but we had a few sweet miracles go down this week. On Thursday we did a zone fast so that all of the companionships could baptize on the last week of the year and we had a miracle go down in our area 'cuz we had no one at all to baptize... Or so we thought. We ended up passing this family that we had taught a few weeks back and one of  the kids had gone to church but the parents wouldn´t let her get baptized. We just happened to stop by and WHAMMO!!! the mom was just like, "Yeah, I was thinking about her baptism this week and decided it really would help her out." Hooray for an awesome baptism!! So yep we had a baptism Saturday of Islaine and it was just a little meeting because not a lot of people were here in the area. But she was confirmed on Sunday and was just as happy as ever. I can´t find the pics of her baptism though... I´ll keep looking. 

That pretty much sums up this week though. We don´t have anything planned for tonight so P´jaro and I are just gonna kick it at home and play Bible Hearts or something. We have interviews with Pres tomorrow which will be exciting and then the next day Zone Cousnsel... Lots of bus rides this week already. Well I love you all and I hope you all have goals and dreams (hahaha) for 2013!! I already know what mine are for sure! I miss and love you all so so much!! HAPPY NEW YEAR! :))))


P.S. The pics are the planner I made for Christmas, and then Christmas dinner at the Branch Pres´ house for Christmas! Love you!

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