Monday, December 17, 2012

"Christmas Time"

Alright guys so I am planning on Skypeing with you all Wednesday 11:00 your time and I am so stinkin excited!!! It honestly just seems like we were just talking for Mothers Day when I was way back in Viçosa with my boy Guerra... Crazy :) I cant wait to talk to you all though. And don´t stress because I am 99% sure I know how to get it to work right from the start this time! :)
So this will be just a quick little letter because the LAN house is packed right now and the guy isn´t in the best of moods so I doubt he is going to let me put more time on. We had a bit of a busy week this week because we had a lot of things in Farol - like zone counsel and then my comp had to help in the office because he was the mission secretary for seven months and the new guy still has no idea what he is doing. It was a good week though because we had a baptism and that was the best. His name is Thalisson and he is part of this family we have been teaching since Pájaro came here. The whole family is looking into the Church, but all of a sudden they just stopped progressing a ton, except for Thalisson. It is really sad because this family is exactly what our little branch out here needs. We have literally done everything to help them, but they just won't come to church ever... kills me. :( Hopefully his baptism will help them all feel the Spirit a little bit more, because luckily, they all came to the baptism. 

Also this week we had the Primary presentation which we all know is the best Sunday of all the Sundays in the year. The little kids of the Church are just champs and I love hearing their little testimonies as when they say the Articles of Faith. They may not understand completely what those words mean, but it is good practice. 

I think that is all I have for you guys this week... I am going to save the majority of it for Skype time :) I am glad it is really starting to look like Christmas and that you got to go see the lights down at Temple Square. That was always one of my favorite dates.... Memories!! Well I am out so.... See you next week and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Elder Big Deal

P.S. What is "THE GIFT" everyone wants this year and I can´t wait 'til Friday... The End of the World!! Hahahahahaha I can´t wait to wake up on that day and just laugh.

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