Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Cold showers, Apostles, & really big Spiders"

Hey there dooooodes!!!
So where to start.... I guess I will just start with transfers! I am still here in Maceió, but I am in a whole new zone and my area is called Aeroclube. It is pretty neat here, I guess. It is a little bit far away from the actual city of Maceió, but I still like it. Except for the fact that airplanes fly over us about every 15 minutes.... Yeah it is kinda killer on my new comp and me because we both have the same time out!! His name is Elder Marques and once again, he is a Brazilian from Brasília. Like I said, we are from the same group and we will be heading out together. It is most likely that he will get transferred before that though, so who knows. He is a good guy and we have had a friendship all throughout the mission, so it will be a fun transfer as ZL´s together. 
I am really missing Pájaro and my beloved Boa Vista though.... But it is close, so I can go visit when I need to :) The only thing I don´t like about this area is that our house doesn´t have hot water and never will. There is some problem with the circuits where, if we were to try and put hot water in, it will cut the power to the whole house..... Hooray! But on the bright side we have tons of missionaries that live really close to us and I already found this huge spider that I believe to be a banana spider, but still not 100% sure... I forgot my memory card so there goes that picture until next week.
On to today. We had the amazing opportunity to listen to Elder Bednar today!!! Oh my heavens it was so nifty. It wasn´t that normal type of meeting where he just comes and gives a talk, it was all about us asking questions and him trying to show us that learning is so much easier when the person has the will and it´s not just people trying to force information into their heads. I loved it because I have been thinking so much lately about my teaching style and how I can improve it and it was just what I needed to hear. I also was lucky enough to hear from Elder Bednar yesterday as well, because he spoke in our stake conference here. He and his wife both gave amazing talks and his wife even said that it was nice to come to the beach and get away from the Utah snow.... If she only knew how much she would miss it after two years :) 

   Well, my time is short, but I am just happy and ready to start to work here. There is a ton of work that needs to be done. This zone just feels like it isn´t very.... excited right now and that just doesn´t work for me so Imma think of ways to change that. 

Love you all!!! Ancestors protect me... May they protect you!
Elder Big Deal

P.S. Ry, you need to send me the USU registration dates for fall 2013 when you find them out and parents if you could look into my leave of absence stuff that would be just lovely!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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