Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Alright! So right off the bat and before I forget, there have been a few changes with transfers in the mission. The only way it affects you guys though is that now my flight leaves on the 15th and I will be back in Utah the 16th. Just one day's difference but still a little bit of a change in things. They already called me about where I want to land and stuff, and by the looks of it I am heading to good ol´ Salt Lake! I haven´t gotten my travel plans yet, but they should be here in the next couple of weeks! Neat huh? Also transfers are this Sunday and Pájaro and I already know that we are both getting transferred from here. It is a bummer because it has been so awesome here and he is my favorite comp in the world world, but... that is just part of mission life. I really will miss Boa Vista though. It is such a fun branch and things are really rolling here now.
Not too much happened this week work-wise. Knowing that we are both going to get transferred makes it kinda hard to have the will to find new people, but in reality we found some awesome young people that are just so pumped to get baptized. We also had interviews with Pres and then Zone Counsel. Both were great and I have already told you guys enough how I like being near Pres and the other missionaries so I won´t say much there. We talked a lot about goals though, seeing as how it was just New Years last week and that brings up the question... What goals do you guys have for this year?! I wanna hear at least one from everyone if that is possible. Pájaro, Cardoso and I all made a list of goals for the year and I think I came up with some good ones. I have about 20, and some are going to be pretty interesting to try and achieve. So excited. I am not really sure what else to say... We had two emergency transfers in the zone this past week and we got the "rough side" both times... Our zone is looking pretty interesting right now with the elders we have here. It will be really interesting to see what will happen during the transfers.
I hope you like the picture of Pájaro. He is a champ. I am glad you all were safe during New Years and had lots of fun (Mom and Dad) Ryley, how is Utah State basketball doing?? Do you love the games or what? Tanner, I have a feeling that I will be in serious need of style tips when I get back.... What do I have to do to get some advice?? And don´t say, "speak English correctly" cause that is not gonna happen soon hahaha. 

Well I love you all of course and hope you have another fun-filled week with lots of snow and snowboarding. Hit the sick roller near Chips for me someone!! Stay sweet....

Elder Big Deal

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