Monday, January 28, 2013

"Hot and Cold"

This may be funny to you guys, but I am legit just dying to be in your situation right now.... It is so ridiculously hot here. Between 10 and 3:30 the sun is just murder and it just kills our energy so much. I read your e-mails about the snow and I just got so jealous.... I want a snowball in the face or a nice catch on my front edge to just fall into the wintery coldness...... Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Luckily I am not getting sunburned, but I am getting quite a nice tan. I guess the heat does have it´s benefits..... sometimes.

So this week was a pretty normal week work-wise. Nothing too amazing/wild happened teaching-wise or anything like that. We are helping this one lady stop smoking and she was doing well... until she bailed out on coming to church with us. I don´t get how she can feel the spirit helping her to quit smoking and then decide to hide from us when Sunday comes around. The best place for her to learn how to stop smoking is at church, but she just won´t put it to the test.... Kills me. No matter how much time you have in the mission, these types of things will always make you stop and think about what you can do as the mouth-piece of the Holy Ghost to really make sure the person feels it. I just don´t know anymore..... It just makes me sad when people do not accept what we have to offer...

On the other side of things not spiritual this week, there was TONS! First off, our house got attacked by larvae .. we have no idea how or why, but it was horrible. We legit cleaned EVERYTHING as well, but still didn't find the source. It happened this week as well to a few members, so maybe it has something to do with the time of year. I haven´t seen any for a few days though so I think we are good. Secondly, we saw two dead guys and this wild mini parade in the space of about six hours on Friday. We had 4 deaths near our house this past week and we saw the leftovers of two of them. One of them the cops hadn´t even shown up yet. That one was a little wild. It is pretty amazing though how protected we are here as missionaries. The little black tag is more than just a "Hey here is my name and my church!" it is a sign of respect and protection. And last but not least, with the stake changes here Boa Vista still is a part of my zone and I get to go visit there basically every week! Talk about blessings, right? I love being so close to an area I love so much. I was there twice this week on divisions and doing baptismal interviews. Good stuff.

Well I am not sure what else to say... It´s not like someone is more than likely getting her mission call this week.... Oh wait, only the coolest sister in the whole WORLD IS!!! (That last part is in caps so you know it is important) I am honestly already so excited for next week´s P-day already for when I get to know where Ry will be headed off to... I am feeling Europe, but I honestly have no idea and I know how annoying it is when people ask, "Where do you think you're gonna go?!" So I won´t do that. But good luck Wednesday Ry, and I hope the whole fam is there to see it :) I love and miss you all!!! Stay sweet....

Elder almost as big as a deal as his sister....

P.S. Picture is of the spider we had in our house last week.

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