Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Saturday is a Special Day"


So once again, I am super short on time and I have TONS I wanna say. I honestly can't stand putting numbers in anymore.... and it is even worse when the computer crashes twice and you have to re-do it... yay! But for reals, this week was so wild, well more like just Saturday, so that is what I will tell you about.

So to start off, I haven´t been transferred yet. That happens tomorrow. Pajaro and I have just know about it forever because they have been doing some changes in the stake. I am a little bummed about this transfer though because things are on fire here and of course Elder P├íjaro is just the best comp I could have ever had in my life. But we ended strong together which was good. Our last Saturday was wild because we had two baptisms, as you can see in the pic, and just about everything went wrong before. 

So, to start off the day we had a service project nice and early with the other branch that comes to our building. We thought we were just gonna do some weeding at a school near by which in reality is what we did... we just really underestimated how much "weeding" we would do. We got there and it was this HUGE field that is completely overgrown and we had very little materials. To cut things short, ha! pun :) we worked until 1:00 in the afternoon and didn´t even get close to finishing it all and we had over 20 men helping us. Ya crazy. We also forgot sunblock so all of us elders got really burned... not too bright... well that is a lie because I am bright red.... another pun?? 

After that we had to go get things ready for the baptisms and everything went well until.... the power went out in all of Boa Vista! Yep... we had to run back to the house to get our flashlights because we already had everyone there and there was no way we weren´t going to baptize because, come on how sweet of a story is that? Baptizing in the dark! But after we got back and another 15 minutes later, the lights came back on and everything went smoothly until we noticed that we didn´t have enough baptismal clothes for everyone... We were too focused on the energy to notice that problem before. We ended up working a way out to baptize people then switch clothes and everything went swell. It was a great time and such a good way to end my time here in Boa Vista, which for sure is just the best area ever. 

I think that sums it up... oh wait! After the baptisms we had our Branch activity which was fun... It was just a few games and snacks and yeah... good times!

Well I gotta go but I love you all and hope you have another amazing week! Stay sweet family!!!!!!!!!! :))

Elder Big Deal

P.S. All this week we have been having a conversation about who is the best/coolest villain of all time? I wanna hear your opinions. Mine are Shredder, RockSteady and Beepop from Ninja Turtles, or the Nightmare King From Little Nemo.

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