Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"The Last New Year Ever"

Hahahaha oh Danger, you are awesome. "Unplug the eggnog IV", best words I have ever heard! And while I am on the subject of Danger, it seems like I haven´t talked with you guys since last year! Hahahaha I am pretty sure Dad already made a joke like that but just in case, I did too :) It was a blast talking with you all last week though! It really just made my holiday season. And it was so nice to see you all doing so well and that you are all still hilarious. Like I loved how even when the sound wasn´t working we were all still laughing hard.

I had a pretty solid week here. We had interviews with Prez on Friday and that was great because it gave me a chance to really talk with him, because when I first got here I was so tired and could barely even understand what he was saying to me. But this time was great because I got some answers to questions I had. And while I was in the office... I got your package!! Hahaha Great Odens Beard I loved it!!!!!!!!!! The T-bell-tivity was so funny and I have already put the hot sauce to good use. I think I have found a good substitute for Tapitio here but I am not sure yet. I will keep checking but I am nervous I am gonna try something super hot and burn my tongue off.... But the package was great, thank you so much for it and the letters from the ward were great too. It is amazing how you can go to the same ward with people but never really know their stories. And mom, I loved the books you sent me! I was kinda bummed cause I forgot to ask you to send me books but then you came through with some awesome ones! I already finished "Drawing on the Powers of Heaven" But I am gonna try to read it once a week for the whole next transfer.
Speaking of transfers... we find out this Saturday who is leaving and who is staying. I am really hoping I stay actually because I am really starting to love the ward here. I feel like I know the area well enough to take over if I were to stay here as well. I dunno - transfers are not up to me but we will see. It would also be cool to see some other parts of the mission. There is still a whole other state I need to see! Hahaha I guess I am fine with whatever happens :)
The whole week was pretty interesting because we had a baptism lined up for this Saturday but it ended up falling through because she decided at the last minute to travel for New Year's. But right after we found that out we went to another investigators house and taught a lesson to the whole family the first time and it was awesome. While we were there we marked two more baptisms for New Year's Sunday and told them that we would come by and pick them up for church. But when we went to pick them up on Sunday... Boom no one was there. So we had a chance to baptize three people this week and they all fell through, but will more than likely be baptized this coming week. It was frustrating, but at the same time it was really cool because kinda throughout the whole week we witnessed miracles. I am excited to work with them this week and hopefully everything will go smoothly.
New Year's here for us missionaries was pretty blah. We went in early because people get a little crazy here due to a lot of drinking and it is just better to stay out of it. We were invited to some members houses for a little party but we opted not to go. One reason we didn´t go though is because we were fasting with Sunday, the first being the start of the month. I dunno I just found it funny because I was thinking to myself, "who else in the world would not eat tonight on New Year's. Only those crazy missionaries!" Hahaha it was all in all a grood time. Yesh Ian, I said "grood" on purpose.
I think that sums everything up though! I hope you all have some great New Year's goals and are excited to get started on them :) Ryley, I got all stoked on USU again after talking to you about housing and stuff. I can´t tell you how excited I am for you. It is such a blast! I love you all so much and wish you the best for this new year because according to some rocks found in Mexico, this could be... OUR LAST! Hahaha I can´t wait for December next year, it will be so fun to be a missionary. Stay sweet...

Elder Guzy

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