Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Tchau Feitosa!"

 Yep, I am out of here but not just me.... the entire house is getting transferred! They are gonna close the area or something for a little while but I have heard rumors that it might be a sisters area now. I am gonna miss the house though. It was probably one of the best in the mission and the other Elders in there were a blast. I am sure my next area will be just as fun though. I am kinda happy to be leaving actually. Not that I didn´t like this area or anything but, I just want to see other parts of the mission. I am just dying to know where I am going to be heading now. We find out tomorrow at the transfer meeting and then we just head out from there. So this p-day will pretty much just be packing everything up, I am already sick of packing hahahaha, and super cleaning the house... Yay! It should be a good day.
We ended up having an awesome last week though. We had baptized two more people yesterday and also confirmed our other baptism from a little while back. It was a little bit of a stress because she came to church late and we had to change the program to make sure she could get confirmed. The two baptisms went really well. It was two more teenage girls that both have friends the same age in the church. They are both really cool and were really excited to be baptized until they got in the water and felt how cold it was hahaha. One of the ward members, an uncle of one of the girls, performed the baptism and it as just a good experience all in all. I have pictures to send you but once again, the computer is acting up.
Mom, the language is coming along well actually. I still have a hard time really understanding people but my ability to speak it is solid. I still make a lot of mistakes with the correct verb conjugations and stuff but people understand me which is good. But I really believe one reason things with the language are going so well is because of the books you sent me. I love them. They are really teaching me how to pray with real intent. I am also learning a lot of cool things about people and their personalities too, which is my favorite thing to learn about. So once again Mom, thanks for the books! :) Danger sneaking off to Cali eh?! Trying to catch some rays big guy? Hahaha It sounds like you had a good trip and things with the family are still going great. I hope you told them all hello for me! I like how you and Mom always try to make a trip to the temple whenever you travel somewhere. I think that is so awesome and something I for sure want to try.
That pretty much just wraps this week up. I am going to miss Feitosa though now that I think about it. We have some really cool investigators and families here that I hope fall into good hands. We will be running all over the place today to get some addresses for a few more people here. Ah! I just hope they all continue to have an interest in the Church. So many of them were so close to making the changes they needed to to be baptized and I am just nervous that when we leave they will just kinda fall back into things! You think I would be used to this by now though. I mean I have been transferred before but, this time is a little different because it wasn´t an ET or going to a whole new country. I know things will work out here though if I keep Feitosa in my prayers. Heavenly Father won´t let some of His children slip through the cracks. :) I love you all so much and I hope you all have another good week. Sounds like it is going to be a busy one with everyone going back to school and stuff. Hahaha tests.... oh how I DON´T miss tests! Stay sweet!

Elder Guzy

 P.S. There is a game show on t.v. here where you have to choose if people are from China or Japan. I have never laughed so hard in my life when I first saw it. This country is dope.

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